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    Sirius April 2011 thread

    Good Morning Friends

    The March thread was so entertaining and informative, except for the gratuitous Vanna White pictures that is. Myself, I think cute furry animal pictures would have sufficed but that's just me. Perhaps SRK will take that into account with his next contest. There are two sexes that frequent this board and his one sided pandering I consider to be totally unacceptable. Something for him to consider. If I in my many weather posts, decided to include a half naked, tanned, muscular, let's say Daniel Craig type, wouldn't that cheapen my message? It would. Would I be taken seriously as a moderator? I would not.
    Although I have yet to receive a pm, I am sure I speak for others in saying, hopefully you have learned from your past mistakes and April will prove to be a new start toward resolving your obvious pubescent issues.

    Now on to April!!!
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