What else is new. Fox News is full of constant falsehoods.
Does anyone from this site get a lot of their "facts" from Fox News?

WED MAR 30, 2011 AT 09:15 PM EDT
Shock! Hannity uses fake, discredited quote to smear Obama over Libya
byJed Lewison
So the Washington Times yesterday reported that White House advisor Samantha Power had claimed that President Obama deserves personal credit for the Libya uprising. They've since removed the story from their site because it was based on a totally inaccurate quote.

That didn't stop Sean Hannity from running with the story to smear President Obama, however. In fact, he made it the number one story on his 9 o'clock broadcast last night:

Ben Smith flagged the error at 5:48PM Eastern time yesterday, giving Hannity at least three hours to come up with a new opening to his program. But I guess in his world, a fake attack is as good as a real one.
By the way, CNN's Piers Morgan, whose program runs opposite Hannity's, asked Susan Rice a question based on the inaccurate Washington Times report. The question never made it to air, however, as the segment had been pre-recorded and Morgan decided to pull it after learning the quote attributed to Power wasn't real. Apparently, CNN actually employs fact-checkers. Good for them.