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Thread: Traneferring a Lifetime Sirius Subscription to an XM Radio

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    Trading Lifetime Subscriptions

    Speaking of transferring subs:
    have an aftermarket Sirius SIR-PNR2 satellite radio tuner that comes with a transferable lifetime subscription.
    I am looking for someone that has a portable or aftermarket car XM radio with a transferable lifetime subscription and is willing to trade for my Sirius radio/subscription.
    Why? I have a Nissan that has a built-in XM radio. I cannot transfer my Sirius subscription to it.
    You have a car that comes with Sirius instead of XM. In this case you can transfer my Sirius radio subscription to your car.
    or you have a broken XM unit with a lifetime subscription and would like to have a Sirius radio activated.

    I am looking for a win-win situation here.

    My radio was never transferred before and can be transferred up to 3 times to any other Sirius Radio - including factory car radios. If interested, please PM me.

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    I have a lifetime XM radio subscription on a Lexus. Yesterday I purchased a Mercedes. They have Sirius in this car.
    Is anyone in the same position. Xm/Sirius customer service is of no use. Perhaps since all accounts are paid, we could just switch

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    Please Change your policy to be able to transfer life time subscription from a sirius radio to xm radio! please!! I just payed $30,000 on a car just to find out that my life time subscription is now worth less!!! In my new vehicle, I talked to your customer service rep that was very courteous and understanding to my issue, but explained that there was nothing she could do at this time, because of your policy. When I purchased my vehicle it was advertised as having SiriusXm satellite radio. I am huge fan of SiriusXM programing and picking a vehicle that had a SiriusXm radio factory stereo pre installed in my vehicle was actually one of the determining factors in purchasing my 2012 Camry. DO THE RIGHT THING! and please honor my life time subscription.

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    I just sent you a private message to see if you still are interested in trading.

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    Long story short, lifetime subscriptions CAN be worked with without you having to pay the $900 lifetime plan fee as it was in November 2011 (which many still bought!)

    Its not as easy as two people calling SiriusXM to transfer the lifetime service and getting a rep to do a full out ownership transfer for an account...all I can say is good luck because the time it takes to do this is not one many are willing to do!

    Anyhow, for those in this conondrum and need help, PM me and I will help you out in getting things together whether it is a XM or Sirius Lifetime plan. Especially for guys like Kevin who paid $30,000 for a new car!!


    Quote Originally Posted by jasonsil View Post
    I just sent you a private message to see if you still are interested in trading.

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    I want to advise everyone to do their own due diligence when working with Dan. I have no idea if he is who he says he is. I'm not saying he is not, I just have no way of knowing because he will not provide any personal information or SiriusXM credentials.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    I have a Lifetime Sirius and my new car is a XM platform. After 40 minutes and two levels, they agreed to allow me to transfer once to a portable radio. If I do this what is the best portable to buy. Is there no way to transfer a lifetime from Sirius to XM. It is the same company, but alot of BS.

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