Speaking of transferring subs:
have an aftermarket Sirius SIR-PNR2 satellite radio tuner that comes with a transferable lifetime subscription.
I am looking for someone that has a portable or aftermarket car XM radio with a transferable lifetime subscription and is willing to trade for my Sirius radio/subscription.
Why? I have a Nissan that has a built-in XM radio. I cannot transfer my Sirius subscription to it.
You have a car that comes with Sirius instead of XM. In this case you can transfer my Sirius radio subscription to your car.
or you have a broken XM unit with a lifetime subscription and would like to have a Sirius radio activated.

I am looking for a win-win situation here.

My radio was never transferred before and can be transferred up to 3 times to any other Sirius Radio - including factory car radios. If interested, please PM me.