I have the Sirius lifetime membership since 2005 and I just sold my car that I hard-wired in a 3rd party Kenwood radio in so I went to Sirius.com to see what new radio I should get. I see that the XMp3i is the best option for me and end up buying it cheaper on Best Buy, and nothing on the box or Website says that I can't expect my membership to transfer over. This is bait and switch! This is a failure to live up to their obligations. I don't want to trade memberships with an XM subscriber because that just sounds like grounds for them to get out of their commitments. I want SiriusXM to stop making this our problem and internally make the transfer possible. What reason is there not to allow it? Paragraph 9 of the terms of service says: "Non Automotive Receivers: A Lifetime Subscription associated with a home, portable, or dock & play Receiver is transferable from one Receiver to another Receiver, up to a maximum of three (3) times." There is nothing in the terms that indicates that a Sirius lifetime subscription is not applicable for transfer to an XM device. And the only devices that Sirius can use are the antiquated Stratus 6 or Starmate 5? These radios are many years old, and what kind of equipment will we be made to use the next time we try and transfer our subscription? I've gone to the BBB and you all may wish to consider that option.