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Thread: Reminiscences

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    I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    They are fun - and very human in their own way.

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    Throughout this thread I have tried to provide examples of great music regardless of genre. Because jazz is a wonderful expression of human creativity, I have added many jazz artists that others may not know or know well. I hope that I am introducing some to music they may never have heard, from a musician they didn't know, and that they enjoy it.

    Piano jazz is a personal favorite. Many superb pianists are showcased here but there is one that I have only touched on briefly; the remarkable Erroll Garner.

    Many musicians who in their own right are renowned pick him as their favorite. His style, exuberance, and fantastic ability to imbue songs with his unique interpretation are legend. Some even call him the best jazz piano player of all time. Surprisingly, he couldn’t read music or explain well how he did what he did. On many recordings you could hear him humming the melody he followed, especially on “Teach Me Tonight”. He sat on phone books when he played. He was a prodigy in his youth and considered a genius as an adult.

    His magnificent album from the sixties, Concert By The Sea, is still of the best selling jazz albums of all time. He also recorded an album of beautiful, romantic music (Other Voices) that many purists criticized. Overall, he was a prodigious talent whose output of recorded and live performances was in the hundreds, if not more, and, he was probably the musician most interviewed on television during his time.

    This is truly music to listen to in the foreground to really appreciate it and then background for doing anything. His sound is unique and immediately recognizable by those knowledgeable about jazz.

    Casting around for other examples of his talent will not be wasted time.

    He wrote the classic song, Misty. Here is a great rendition.


    Where Or When

    *Long Ago And Far Away

    Some gems from the iconic “Concert By The Sea” album.

    I'll Remember April

    They Can't Take That Away From Me

    Teach Me Tonight

    Autumn Leaves (This is special)

    And, from the “Other Voices” album

    *On The Street Where You Live

    *The Very Thought Of You

    *Candles, wine, low lights and...would go nicely.
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