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Thread: Reminiscences

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    Marv Albert was my main man back in the Knicks championship days. "Yesssssss and it counts." Music to my ears.

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    Hey, SL. I am posting this so you can tell the difference between Tito Puente, Marv Albert and Herb Alpert. Pick Tito and you may get a prize.

    Great music and great dancers, too. A lesson with entertainment.

    Tito Puente

    Ran Kan Kan

    12/ 22/12 I assume Milly Puente is Tito's daughter. She has taken well to her father's instrument, the timbale (and plays conga, too). If you have read any of my comments re latin music you know I consider it some of the most exciting music there is. This is another example of that belief. If you like latin percussion don't miss this.

    Milly Puente

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atypical View Post
    ..."it was indeed Marv Albert and the Tijuana Brass..."

    You're still confused. Marv Albert is a sportscaster.

    You want Herb Alpert.

    You're welcome.
    Yes, thank you. Herb, Marv......... I know what I meant, anyway, I think............

    Marv Albert and the Tijuana Brass..... That's a keeper lol.

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    Jared Bernstein's economics blog posts links to music he likes on Fridays. Today, he gave his assistant a chance to post. It was, surprisingly, old school stuff even though she's younger. Good music knows no boundaries, I guess.

    I found some music around her link by the great soul singer Teddy Pendergrass, who died a year or two ago. He was in Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes and had a solo career, too.

    This live performance is, in a way, sad, because he was semi-paralyzed due to an automobile accident and performed from a wheelchair. But it is a fun performance, too.

    When Somebody Loves You Back (2/20/17 link repaired)

    And a sample of his great sound earlier in his career.

    Teddy Pendergrass - Love TKO


    There are some more exciting bands that are timeless; whenever you hear them you smile.

    This is one of the best.


    Evil Woman (impossible!) (7/12/16 link repaired)

    All Over The World (is this a familiar venue to anyone @ 1:46)?

    Sweet Talkin' Woman (does such a woman exist? )


    One Summer Dream

    Turn To Stone

    Showdown (9/7/16 link repaired)


    One of the most romantic, gloriously smooth and funky pop group ever...and now, another loss, Maurice White.

    Earth, Wind & Fire

    After The Love Has Gone


    Another song from the past that...well, can really bring back memories.

    Junior Walker & The All-Stars

    What Does It Take To Win Your Love


    A superbly produced and beautiful oldie...

    David Ruffin

    Walk Away From Love


    Another group that deserves a reminiscence. This was their biggest hit, and, unsurprisingly, they are still around. Great song done exquisitely by lead singer, Larry Braggs.

    Tower Of Power

    So Very Hard To Go
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    Many don’t care for Jazz. One reason may be that it is more textured, less simple than some other types of music, and, so, should be closely listened to to get the full message. Many arrangements have interesting takes on original melodies that enhance the overall tune. That’s what jazz is; an embellishment, a reworking (like adding more garlic to a recipe than it calls for).

    8/25/16 I came across this recently and it summarizes well my comment above.

    "I love jazz because it mixes intellect and emotion in a very spontaneous way. I was first exposed to jazz by “liberating” a Coltrane and a Pharoah Sanders record from a friend in NYC and listening to them over and over until I “got it.” My advice to new listeners is you have to take the time to listen to some jazz tunes a number of times until it starts to make sense."

    The Modern Jazz Quartet have always been elegant, restrained purveyors of jazz. Very easy to like.

    Bag's Groove (7/23/16 replaced prior deleted version again!)

    Here is the vibe player of MJQ solo, Milt Jackson. This club looks so warm and intimate I want to live there.

    'Round Midnight

    11/28/15 The original post here, Slippery, was deleted by the distributor, so here is a tasty replacement, a swingin' little bluesy thing by Monty Alexander that sounds a bit like Gene Harris' style. You'll like it.

    I have always liked a strong jazz group playing with an orchestra that swings. The interplay can be exciting. This is a magnificent example.

    McCoy Tyner - A giant of jazz piano. Some of the photos are beautiful.

    Fly With The Wind

    Another aristocrat of piano jazz. This song is always associated with him. A melody repeated and refined as it is played. (ends at 8:45 and closing tune til 10:56)

    Ahmad Jamal



    Decided to post his original recording of Poinciana for comparison. It's elegant and does not suffer by comparison to the one just above.


    One of my favorite sounds is the one a steel drum makes. Here is Ahmad Jamal, in concert in Poland, playing Poinciana with a steel drum musician in his group. Apparently, from his facial expressions, Jamal enjoys the total effect. Because I found it unique, and, as I have said, this tune is an AJ classic, I decided to share it with you. Because... you're special.

    Poinciana (in Poland)


    Poinciana is another song that I find so great that I enjoy hearing any take on it especially by Jamal who popularized it. Here is a live performance that is fun and very satisfying. I present it so that you can have a choice of a truly remarkable musician and his classic signature.


    Another great tune with a stellar arrangement by Jamal.

    Ahmad Jamal

    But Not For Me (9/13/14 link repaired)
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    We arrived at the club early and got the front row. Charles Earland, the great jazz organist, was the headliner. The music started and the woman next to us, alone, was smiling and exchanging looks with Earland, playing just in front of her. After the set, he sat down with her; his wife.

    He died less than a year later.

    Charles Earland with a SW oldie but very goodie.

    I Was Made To Love Her


    More Today Than Yesterday

    Charles Earland's Jazz organ summit w/ Jimmy McGriff - Groovin Blues

    And more Jimmy McGriff.

    Everyday I Have The Blues - Jimmy McGriff & Hank Crawford Quartet


    This starts as a pleasant version of a popular song - but does not end that way - which is why it's here.

    Atsuko Hasimoto


    Can't forget Joey DeFrancesco


    And, finally, Jimmy Smith, who can claim this as a classic.

    Walk On The Wild Side


    This is special. The fantastic German talent, Barbara Dennerlein, teamed with our wonderful homegrown Rhoda Scott, playing 'Nova', composed by Ms. Scott. It really swings, and is great fun to watch as well as hear. Fasten seat it comes.

    Since familiarizing myself with her exquisite musicianship, I have become a fan. This is another example of her amazing artistry.

    Barbara Dennerlein

    Jimmy's Walk

    11/19/13 More special than I knew when I posted them; truly stunning, and for me, addictive.


    Here is a beautiful, haunting and distinctively powerful tune with Ms. Dennerlein's playing embedded within a strong guitar intro, a subtle sax, and drums. Her contribution increases in the middle and weaves a plaintive and poignant sound.

    Her father is an artist and the title is his favorite color.



    There was more video of the Dennerlein and Scott appearance at Bern posted above on 11/13 and I just found it.

    The first 8:24 of this is the Nova video above. After that, Daniel Messina, a drummer who worked with Dennerlein then joins Scott and her drummer, and they play compositions written by Dennerlein. Jazz is essentially improvisation and there are many moments here where you can see everyone is working out and communicating with the others who will do what and how. Great fun...and great music.

    This extended posting will give those who like this music something to listen to while preparing dinner...or something.

    Another mocha hagtodi moment...I hope you'll agree.


    The Doctor of funky jazz organ is in the house.

    Dr. Lonnie "Liston" Smith

    Psychedelic Pi
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    I would be remiss if I didn’t provide an example of the great (and eccentric) Miles Davis on this trip through a small part of the jazz world.

    I was not familiar with this tune and listened to it many times before deciding to post it. I liked it more each time I listened. There is lots of funk, complexity, and energy, provided by top musicians, led by Davis.


    My original post of this tune in 2011 was deleted by the vendor. It was kick-ass. I found a replacement. It's great, too.


    Miles Davis made an album many years ago called, Kind Of Blue. It is the best-selling jazz album of all time selling more than 5 million copies. Much of it is introspective and mellow.

    Here is a taste.

    Blue In Green
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    I think Donny Hathaway was an incredible talent. He lived a tortured life and flamed out too early like many others. He is one of the best of his period, or any other.

    This is a great tune co-written by Donny Hathaway. His version is live and has energy from the audience. The second version is by George Benson, a more mellow one but very good.

    You decide.

    The Ghetto (DH) (link repaired 3/10/15 - again)

    The Ghetto (GB)

    Donny Hathaway's arrangements and voice were magic. Try this, too.

    What's Goin' On

    And, of course, his commercial hit with the wonderful Roberta Flack.

    Where Is The Love

    Crap! Don't miss this.

    Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything) (12/4/13 repaired link)

    Double crap! Don't miss this either. It cooks, it rocks, it's in the groove, it does everything.

    Hey Girl


    There are a few especially gut-grabbing songs in this thread. Sometimes I leave an Rx when I post them about a dark room as a semi-humorous aside.

    We all have times when we get inside ourselves to think. Here is another tune that, depending on your reasons, can help or hurt.

    The great Donny Hathaway

    I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
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    You mentioned Robert Flack.

    The Closer I Get To You.

    First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

    Feel Like Making Love.

    My vote is for George Benson mellow.
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