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Thread: Reminiscences

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    Okay, I know it's not late at night in a smoky room. But here is a great taste of Brazilian jazz from Eliane Elias whom I saw live - in the front row - she playing without shoes. Cute. And lovely.

    If you prefer your sensual music when it's dark - come back later.

    Agua de Beber



    More great Brazilian sounds from Ms. Elias

    This is a cover of that great Miles Davis original which is in an upcoming post. Beautiful.

    Blue In Green (2/20/17 repaired link)

    Girl From Ipanema. Too pretty to get tired of.

    2/7/13 This tune has no missing pieces. It's all there: top musicians, fantastic arrangement, extraordinary solos (especially the drummer) and obvious enthusiasm shown by all led by the very talented Eliane Elias.

    Chega de Saudade

    2/7/13 One of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs done by Elias showing that, when done right, a pop song can be properly complimented by a jazz arrangement.

    My Cherie Amour


    This song is done instrumentally by Michel Petrucciani in this thread. It is magnificent. After listening to other versions, I have chosen Ms. Elias' vocal version to compliment his. This is one beautiful song written by Bruno Martino.

    Estate (Summer)


    Another beautiful tune.

    Eliane Elias



    Brazilian music has enriched the music scene everywhere. Antonio Carlos-Jobim is well-known due to Brazil 66 and others, creating appreciation for Bossa Nova and other ethnic melodies.

    Here is a medley of artists that pay tribute to this glorious and sensual sound.
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    Just beautiful.

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    I've gotten a number of PMs asking for more music for late-night reveries and for appropriate drink suggestions. Try Black Russians on the rocks. Or leave out the Kahlua for medicinal purposes. As for suitable artists try...

    Kurt Elling

    Night Moves

    I may have to hire some people. This is getting out of hand. Be back soon with more ideas. Remember, this is potent stuff. View only late at night and in the dark.

    For Sentimental Reasons'


    Ray Charles did this some years ago in a very soulful way. Kurt Elling does it justice.

    Lonely Avenue


    And We Will Fly

    Easy Living

    I have seen his music director, Lawrence Hobgood, the pianist, in other performances and have read reviews of his music. The consensus is he is incomparable. That is not an exaggeration.


    April In Paris (swingin', nice...and so smooth)


    My Foolish Heart (superb)
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    Very smooth.
    White Russians work as well.

    Don't hire anyone, nobody does it as well as you.
    Unless of course you need help with your links, then I'm your girl.


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    This suits me right about now. Change of pace. Great sounds from a great artist.

    Jonny Lang

    Still Rainin'(12/20/15 link repaired)

    Lie To Me (10/8/16 link repaired)


    Give Me Up Again


    Can't have too much of Lang's music.

    There's No One Like You (12/20/15 link repaired)

    Walking Away
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    Wow. Where did that voice come from??!!! I really like his sound. I started listening to more of his songs, found this one I thought was good. I hope you don't mind my jumping in with a link.

    Breaking me.

    Thanks for this.


    I can't stop listening to him, amazing voice!
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    Holy Crap! It's true after all. Clapton is god! Well, seeing as this is Sunday I have no choice but to post some 'hymns'. I could post a lot but I'll try to control myself.

    River Of Tears

    Forever Man (3/22/15 repaired link)

    Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad (10/15/14 repaired link) Mocha Hagotdi


    Eric Clapton (live in Japan)


    BB King & Eric Clapton & Robert Cray & Jimmie Vaughn & Robert Randolph AND a cast of dozens more!

    The Thrill Is Gone (12/23/14 new link)

    LONDON (AP) — British musician Jack Bruce, best known as the bassist from the 1960s group Cream, has died. He was 71.

    Publicist Claire Singers said Saturday Bruce died at his home in Suffolk, England.

    Cream, which also included guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker, sold 35 million albums in just over two years and were awarded the world's first ever platinum disc for their album "Wheels of Fire."

    One of my favorite Cream tunes. Many say that Jack's bass line makes the song.

    Cream (12/22/14 link repaired)


    And, Jack Bruce leading the way in...

    Born Under A Bad Sign


    Clapton certainly has had a lot of well-deserved accolades but I can't ignore this great version of one of his hits.

    Bad Love
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    Sorry if this is a repeat...............

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    One very late night I was driving and heard Morgana King singing Corcovado. I pulled over to listen so that I wouldn't be distracted. It was that memorable. I had never heard it sung the way she did it.


    I have continued to look for the version I remember, as mentioned above. Well, persistence does pay off because I just found this. It may be the one I remember. I deleted the TV appearance with an abbreviated version.

    An ethereal yet striking interpretation of a lovely song made special by her incredible vocal range.

    Morgana King


    I am providing some others to give examples of her incredible range (5 octaves) and brilliance. Her talent is something to behold...her voice is haunting. There are many good singers but no one that sings like this. Maybe, never again.

    Here's That Rainy Day (1/9/16 previously deleted but now available)

    This is another magnificent example of her exquisite and unique talent. Just lovely.

    Lazy Afternoon - (again...magnificent does not do her version justice)


    Prelude To A Kiss

    This one is very special. Listen...and then listen again. Her voice, and phrasing, are exquisite.

    A Taste Of Honey


    It's A Quiet Thing - A beautiful song...and more.

    (and she played mama in The Godfather)
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