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Thread: Reminiscences

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atypical View Post
    Sorry, madame.

    Business before pleasure. At least most of the time.

    Crap just keeps coming. I don't make this stuff up.

    They don't stop - I don't stop.
    But it's the weekend Atyp. Sit back and relax. Close your eyes, listen to the beautiful music. You are getting drowsy, difting deeper and deeper. You'll awaken at the count of three. one....

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    Huh? What?

    What just happened? I must have drifted off. Strange.

    Oh well. Time to go after the ones bent on wrecking the country for their own benefit.

    A man's work is never done.

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    Okay, been without inspiration too long. Need some classic sounds to get things movin.

    This artist was, like many others, a flame that went out too soon. Dylan wrote this but Hendrix really covered it.

    Jimi Hendrix

    All Along The Watchtower (10/21/13 link repaired)

    The incredible Dave Mason with...

    Watchtower - He has never received the recognition he deserves.

    1/25/16 The Dave Matthews version in the post below was deleted. This interpretation replaces it.

    All Along The Watchtower
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    Too funny - I'm sitting traffic listening to what used to channel 15 (I don't even know the name of the channel) and up pops this song. I'm listening away, rocking along and then I look down at the title of the song. I immediately thought of my good pal Atypical and his sidekick Havakasha.

    I've heard this song a million times, but only listened it today.

    Now, to Atypical's post directly above, great song no doubt, but this version is pretty damn good too.

    God (sorry) do I love that band.

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    Don't remember if I ever heard this version, but it seems familiar.

    Not bad. Listened to another version, too.

    Incidentally, Havakasha and I are Batman and Robin*, The Lone Ranger and Tonto*, Lunt and Fontanne* and Bonnie and Clyde*.

    I am the asterisks.

    Keep it straight, will ya!

    And don't use a mythical entity in any of your comments ever again.

    It's a sin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriuslyLong View Post
    I listened to most of the interview. She wrote this song while her grandfather lay dying in the hospital. About his being on the edge of glory. Quite a touching story.

    Are you surviving our oven like temps SL? Yesterday at work, high 90's, there was a sudden downpour. I felt like running out and dancing in the rain. Can you believe a few of my customers were COMPLAINING about the rain? Unbelievable!! Just goes to show you, ya can't make everyone happy. lol

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    Me too, but piece by piece. It was 90 minutes in total.

    Man is it hot, but the rain woke me up this morning. My garden and yard could use a little water (as well as weeding and grass cutting lol). I was in Chicago the last two days, and it was just as hot there. Two seconds outside and you're sweating, but it is good for the tomatoes. Man, they are growing like 2" per day. It's amazing in the sense that everyone got a late start due to the rain, cold, hot back in late May.

    Everyone is away for the weekend, so I'm taking the liberty to clean the AC system / air filters...., and it's already 78 in here and the humidity popped up 5%. The system has only been off an hour.

    Stay cool.

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    The incomparable, magnificent, underrated Al Jarreau.

    You Don't See Me (3/8/08) DAMN! - original deleted - another added)

    I posted the original Les McCann, Eddie Harris version of this song earlier in the thread.

    Compared To What (10/30/13 - removed the link that somehow changed since originally posted and replaced it with the original)

    A memorable song about life.

    We Got By (3/8/08 link repaired)

    Summertime (3/8/08 link repaired)

    Rainbow In Your Eyes

    If you like his stuff look around. There is a lot more great music.


    Post 17 has a tune by Eddie Harris and Les McCann, 'Cold Duck Time'. Here is a playful rendition by Al Jarreau, with Kurt Ellings' band backing him. Ramsey Lewis and Elling (also in this thread) sit in the back listening and smiling at Jarreau's antics.

    Cold Duck Time


    We've just lost another giant talent in music, Al Jarreau. He was admitted to hospital reportedly a few days ago. This is a huge loss for the best in jazz, pop and R&B, all categories in which he worked and garnered awards.

    Here is his version of a beautiful love song that contains his wonderful recognizable style.

    Al Jarreau

    Since I Fell For You

    And, a live performance, showing Jarreau's fun mannerisms with the great Joe Sample on piano, and of course, the ubiquitous Steve Gadd on drums.

    Al Jarreau


    Some refer to singers as "musicians." That appellation certainly applies to Jarreau who all through his career did things with his voice that, if you didn't see him, you might think was the sound of an instrument or a form of percussion.

    There is other music by Jarreau elsewhere here, (Mas Que Nada with Petrucciani) and the first song in this medley done by Eliane Elias.

    Al Jarreau

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