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Thread: Reminiscences

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    A great musician, Dave Brubeck, died today. These magnificent tunes were never posted because they are well known, and, so, there was no need to promote them. Today, there is.

    Dave Brubeck

    10/21/13 (link repaired)

    Take Five (Subtle, thoughtful jazz.)

    And, a musically different tune in a live concert at Carnegie Hall...

    Blue Rondo A La Turk


    Post 170 has great tunes by Al Jarreau. Post 173 has music by Kurt Elling. This post honors Dave Brubeck's music.

    Put all that together and you get a collaboration of both singers that is fun and enjoyable to see and hear.

    Take Five (1/5/16 link repaired)
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    ‘Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)’ by Bob Dorough & Miles Davis

    By: Kevin Gosztola

    Bob Dorough is a cool bepop, jazz pianist and singer, who collaborated with jazz legend Miles Davis to produce, “Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern).” He is known for working with Allen Ginsberg and he also once performed in between Lenny Bruce sets.

    The song may not be as much of a protest song as previous selections featured this week, however, its lyrics have an anti-commercialism theme.

    Dorough sings about “all the waste, all the sham, all the haste and plain old bad taste” of Christmas. The “sidewalk Santy Clauses” are too fake—”much, much too thin.” And they wear “fancy rented costumes, false beards and big fat phony grins.” The poor are out on the streets and, meanwhile, everyone is like “Gimme gimme gimme gimme” and “fill my stocking up.”

    This is the time of year “when the greedy give a dime to the needy,” but Dorough doesn’t find that to be all that genuine at all. People trade gifts that don’t matter. As far as Dorough is concerned, he doesn’t care for that “fal-de-ral.” There are lots of “hungry, homeless children” and he just does not get the point of spending time addressing “twenty zillion Christmas cards.”

    The final lyric that he sings, “I hope yours is a bright one, but for me it bleeds,” is steeped in cynicism. It depends on interpretation. This could be regarded as a standard expression of, “Bah humbug!” but it seems to be much more complex. Dorough enjoyed Christmas once upon a time, but now he feels engulfed by an ocean of phony Christmas spirit.

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    “Children, settle down. I want to tell you a story about a man, a very scary man.

    His name is Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. That’s because he screams sometimes. One of the things he does is carry a skull on a stick. Don’t be afraid. I don’t think the skull belongs to anyone we know. He also lies in a coffin but he is not really dead. Anyway, when he screams he makes scary faces. Don’t be afraid. I don’t think he means to hurt anyone. He sometimes has teeth chattering on his piano and a hand severed from a body that moves. I don’t recognize them so don’t be afraid. He has a bone in his nose, too. Now that’s scary, but don’t be afraid. I’m not…at least I don’t think I am?

    Let’s do this. I’ll play something that shows what this man is like. Try not to cry. If you don’t run away, I’ll play another one. Some are funny and some are…well, more for adults. I really don’t want to explain them, so don’t ask.

    Here’s the first one by Screamin' Jay Hawkins. It’s called…

    I Put A Spell On You” (The Screamin’ song that established him as a 'mainstream, family-oriented talent')


    Hawkins was a great put-on, exaggerating his blackness, and using his performances to give pokes-in-the-eye to those who he knew would be pissed-off by what he did. His talent (and comedic aptitude) was, unfortunately, mostly obscured by all of the racial hatred. It was the prevailing zeitgeist at the time (and can still be.)

    His voice is more than respectable and his song choices are both playful and enjoyable as my original comments indicate.

    I have added some covers of his I Put A Spell On You to show how the music was great aside from his (purposely humorous) treatment of it. I have done a fair amount of research about him, and as I said initially, I still like the guy. His life must have had some personal fulfillment but likely a lot of ridicule and vicious hostility too. Very sad.

    The great...

    Nina Simone

    I Put A Spell On You (a more straightforward treatment)

    Katie Melua

    I Put A Spell On You

    Joss Stone

    I Put A Spell On You


    Now, here’s one that shows what a nice, sensitive, humble man he was.

    I Am The Cool

    Maybe (Don’t let this frighten you. It’s a love song)

    Shut Your Mouth When You Sneeze (Helpful suggestions to avoid health problems) (10/16/16 link repaired)

    Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda (A poignant attempt to improve a relationship)

    I’m Lonely (Another sad song that shows how sensitive and caring he really was)

    Portrait Of A Man (This is…well…great).

    3/17/13 Tear Drops

    3/17/13 Give It A Break

    3/17/13 Don't Deceive Me

    3/17/13 Alligator Wine


    I love this guy.
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    Bonnie Raitt’s father, John Raitt, was a well-known singer and starred in film and Broadway musicals. Some would consider Bonnie a pop star but the core of her music is blues. Her lovely voice, stage presence and slide-guitar are unique and instantly recognizable.

    Her shows have frequently showed respect and appreciation for older blues artists by having them appear with her. Sippie Wallace was one of her favorites as was John Lee Hooker.

    The first tune is from her earlier period and is a cover of a Del Shannon hit from a time when music was frequently playful. The arrangement is great with some blues influences added by the harp player.

    She may be a somewhat (unfairly) underrated performer but it’s clear she’s an important part of our musical scene.

    Bonnie Raitt

    Runaway (watch her harp player's contributions)

    Pride And Joy

    No Gettin’ Over You (with Keb Mo)

    At Bonnie’s induction into the RRHF

    Thing Called Love

    Love Me Like A Man

    I Will Not Be Broken (this song is very affecting)

    BB King with Bonnie Raitt

    Night Life


    In post 211, Little Milton does Grits Ain't Groceries. Here he does it with Bonnie Raitt. Great.

    Here are a few more examples of great female blues, R&B and soul singers.

    Ann Peebles

    I Can’t Stand The Rain (11/27/13 repaired link)


    One more from the wonderful Ann Peebles in a live performance.

    I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home

    And, a BOGO deal (because I like this tune) that is not necessarily fair to Ms. Peebles studio version because of the energy in a live performance. Otherwise, it's just as good.

    Tina Turner's live version

    I Can't Stand The Rain (2/23/16 link repaired)


    Sam Moore and Wynonna (another great version)

    I Can't Stand The Rain

    This one is great!

    Bettye Lavette

    Let Me Down Easy


    This is a somewhat recent appearance by Ms. Lavette with Jools Holland. She does Let Me Down Easy in a slower tempo, and in a sad, wrenching, plaintive way that surprised me on the first hearing. I listened four more times and it made its mark on me.

    Betty Lavette

    Let Me Down Easy


    Here is another bluesy tune in a similar style to the one above. Great.

    Betty Lavette

    I'm Not The One

    Now, get ready for… a woman that is so...damn...

    Cee Cee James

    House Of The Blues

    Can't have only one Cee Cee...

    2/7/13 Black Raven


    Cee Cee James

    Done Love Wrong


    Cee Cee James

    100 Ways To Make Love


    Cee Cee James

    Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl (this is so heavy, so blue, so damn sweet, so...)


    Joanna Connor

    Walkin' Blues (make sure you're belted by 1:15) (10/28/17 link repaired)[/B]

    Didn't know this group. Learned it is composed of great musicians from other bands, some in this thread (two looked very familiar.) The comments will explain. This tune was essentially the signature of Junior Wells, a hard driven', harp playin', blues legend.

    The Healers

    Messin' With The Kid

    This singer was promoted by Earth, Wind and Fire when she debuted. This is a beautiful song made even better by the arrangement and her soaring voice.

    Deneice Williams



    Time passes and changes everyone and that process cannot be stopped. Knowing that, our expectations are sometimes fearful because we don't want to lose a good memory to what has become a new reality.

    The following event is recent and this excerpt from it symbolizes one of the reasons I started a thread called Reminiscences. It should touch you regardless of your musical tastes. Carole King's (who co-wrote the song with Gerry Goffin) reactions are the best of what makes us human.

    The still great Aretha Franklin.

    You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman (6/22/16 link repaired)


    I am continually pleased to discover amazing musical talent I never knew before. It's a passion.

    Here is someone who is a very impressive singer and a grammy nominee. Her onstage energy and mannerisms are fun to watch. I'm now a fan.

    Janiva Magness

    You Were Never Mine (evidence of her great voice and poignant sensitivity with lyrics)


    Janiva Magness

    There It Is and I Thought I Knew You (a delightful, fun and delicious performance)


    Janiva Magness and Ronnie Earl

    Little By Little


    Janiva Magness

    I Won't Cry


    Janiva Magness

    Do I Move You


    Janiva Magness

    Slipped, Tripped And In Love
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    This is a musical mélange without a theme; still (very) tasty - but less filling.

    A reminder of Brazil’s recent Carnival.

    Dende & Hahahaes

    ‘Nawlins’, aka NOLA, is known for food, music and attitude. The music is exemplified by the Nevilles but there are many other representatives.

    6/2/14 Listening to Landreth now and read this in the comments:
    "as great as the neville brothers version of this is, it doesn't touch sonny's. this is so new orleans i'm afraid i'm going to have a hangover tomorrow morning".

    That's clever, funny - and true. LOL

    Sonny Landreth

    Congo Square

    World Away


    John Hiatt & Sonny Landreth

    Riding With The King


    Sonny Landreth & Eric Clapton

    Promised Land

    Amos Lee

    Windows Are Rolled Down

    These sounds are reminiscent of Willie and Natalie.

    The Waifs

    Highway One

    A top blues musician/singer who’s great in person. I know.

    Jimmy Johnson

    You Don’t Know What Love Is


    Jimmy Johnson

    My Baby By My Side (No 'gut-bucket' here. Rx prn: Try a dark room and this on a loop).


    Jimmy Johnson (if you like blues don't miss this)

    As The Years Go Passing By

    Here’s a fantastic soul singer who was also great in person. I know this, too.

    Another loss on Jan 08, 2016

    Otis Clay

    The Woman Don’t Live Here No More

    *10/12/15 original version is back.

    *Since I’ve Been Loving You (watch out, this is dynamite)

    Here is another by the great...

    Otis Clay

    You Hurt Me For The Last Time


    Another powerful performance - which is all he does.

    Otis Clay

    I Can Take You To Heaven Tonight

    Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters and Little Walter

    My Babe

    The original by Elmore James is in post 211, but don’t miss this.

    Howlin’ Wolf

    Dust My Broom

    Cannonball Adderley doing a soulful tune that became a classic.

    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy


    What was here previously, Ry Cooder, The Healer, was deleted for 'copyright reasons'. What to replace it with?...hmmm...let's see...a very beautiful Mexican song, that reminds me of a tall, slender, gorgeous, Mexican girl in San Antonio I saw occasionally walking in town with friends on weekends many years ago. We smiled at each other after a while. I stopped one of her friends once to try to meet her. She spoke no English, I learned. I seem to remember her name was Maria.

    This song was popular then as it has been for a long time.

    Nice memory...and therefore, my decision.

    Ry Cooder

    Maria Elena

    Great music with a surprise.

    Buddy Guy with...

    Quinn Sullivan

    Sometime later Buddy Guy with...

    Quinn Sullivan

    Buddy’s Blues

    These are profoundly beautiful songs with incredible arrangements plus a great singer who does them extraordinarily well. Magnificent.

    Jose James

    Little Bird (stay with this until the end)

    9/7/14 available again. Fantastic



    12/10/13 (link replaced)

    The Dreamer





    Rhythmic guitars played as you’ve probably never heard them. Not what you might expect, especially from the ‘bouncy’, talented, adorable Gabriela. This is beautiful, passionate, stirring music.

    Rodrigo Y Gabriela


    Santo Domingo





    This one has a great sound - and lyrics that are very ...

    Wet Willie

    Keep On Smilin'
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    We just lost another great artist, Richie Havens.

    I have said about others, like Gil Scott-Heron, that to be able to entertain and educate is the most glorious accomplishment a musician can attain. Those in authority rarely tell us what we need to know, but, fortunately, we have others that help us. Havens, when using socially-aware lyrics was one of them. His distinctive voice, style and passion made great songs even better. He will be deeply missed.

    Richie Havens

    Freedom/Motherless Child (12/28/15 link repaired)

    This great song was a hit for Havens.

    Here Comes The Sun

    One More Day

    What About Me?

    Sugar Plum (10/21/13 link repaired)

    And Dylan’s classic…

    All Along The Watchtower

    Just Like A Woman (2/8/17 link repaired)

    I Can’t Make It Anymore


    This is great!

    Hands Of Time (8/17/16 link repaired)
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    It's Monday, a night known for being "blues night".

    Many musicians took blues music and adapted it for themselves. One group that admitted it was the Rolling Stones.

    Muddy Waters years ago owned the Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago, and one night, the Stones were in town and showed up. Here is a taste of what happened. There were many other well-known musicians also there: Buddy Guy, Lefty Dizz, and Junior Wells (harmonica).

    The complete show is available on YouTube.

    Let's see... it's still Monday, so let's have a contest. This clip has some of the most well-known blues musicians in the country. Name all of them and get an award from ... well, see the moderator.

    Sweet Home Chicago

    So much blues-oriented little time.

    Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton

    Can't Find My Way Home


    Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton

    Voodoo Chile Blues


    The great Jimi Hendrix with a song he wrote.

    Little Wing (12/28/15 link repaired)


    Derek And The Dominos version.

    Little Wing


    Staying with the Chicago theme (I live in the Okefenokee) try this for unrestrained funk, joy, and respect for the 'Hawk'.

    Bobbi Humphrey

    Chicago, Damn


    Ladies and Gents...tonight we have something special. An all-star lineup never seen anywhere. There is a $20.00 cover and well worth a two drink minimum. It's cheap at double the price.

    So go in, have a good time...and, y'all come back, you hear!

    Why I Sing The Blues
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    Leading off are two songs from years past that have incredible hooks. Both have something in common and to another coming up in this post.


    How Long (studio version)


    Tempted (studio version)

    Tempted (live with David Sanborn and some brief silliness by Jools Holland)

    Ohne Filter is a well-produced German television program originating in Baden-Baden. Through the years they have showcased a number of American bands and some programs are seen in this thread.

    Mike & The Mechanics lead singer, Paul Carrack, was with both Ace and Squeeze. He wrote “How Long”. Here is M&Ms great live version.

    (12/2/13 - Spread the word. If you liked Paul Carrack's organ solo in this song, you might like pg 20, post 197, especially my recent post of Barbara Dennerlein's music. The other music is also great. Try it. If you like it, I get a commission.)

    Mike & The Mechanics

    How Long (11/9/15 link repaired)

    A sign that you really like a song is that you like almost or every version you hear. Or maybe it's not that – maybe it's ...mania. Anyway, here is another version. All are obviously different in some ways. Did I mention that this song has a tremendous hook?

    Recorded in Air Studios in London.

    Paul Carrack

    How Long


    Another version that has some added ingredients of a large crowd, people in pink clothes, pink hair, and strange outfits.

    Paul Carrack

    How Long


    Paul Carrack & Eric Clapton doing a great song. See if you recognize it.


    The same musicians that performed "How Long" above at Air Studios in London did this. A great song very well done.

    Paul Carrack

    Over My Shoulder

    Mike & The Mechanics

    *Over My Shoulder (1/21/16 - this version was the original here but was deleted by YT. Subsequent replacement deleted for original. It's great and identical except for the subtitles.)

    Over My Shoulder

    Mike & The Mechanics

    Silent Running


    It never stops...great music from wonderful artists. Just need to know where to look. The great Paul Carrack with...

    Don't Dream It's Over


    Paul Carrack

    Seems like every song he does has a unique hook. The melody, harmony, tempo and lyrics here are tops. BTW, I've been known to ask myself this question occasionally. lol

    Where Did I Go Wrong?


    Paul Carrack

    Harvest For The World

    Another artist from the Ohne Filter series, vibist...

    Roy Ayers

    Sweet Tears (This is SO sweet)


    Roy Ayers

    Searching (great sax work)

    And one for the music AND some fun. A 'competition' between Ayers and Dwight Gassoway, another musician in his band.

    Battle Of The Vibes


    As the seasons change we might need a reminder of something that may be in short supply soon. Try this when that happens.

    Everybody Loves The Sunshine



    Here's a secret. New music added frequently. Find them.


    Dates for new posts will be in bold for a while after adding to serve as an alert. This started a few weeks ago.
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    A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression. Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.

    The term, coined in 2003, is generally not applied to events and performances organized for the purposes of politics (such as protests), commercial advertisement, publicity stunts that involve public relation firms, or paid professionals. In these cases of a planned purpose for the social activity in question, the term smart mobs is often applied instead. (Wikipedia)

    What follows are events from all over the world where people have assembled in public places to surprise and entertain.

    They're fun, worth watching, and should be viewed on full-screen which will enhance
    your perspective of the venue.

    Were the world a place where this activity was commonplace we might be the better for it.

    One of my favorite places is the library. It is a great place to think amid the relaxing quiet. (12/28/14 link repaired)

    A beautiful, haunting piece that gradually changes as it is repeated.

    From Germany...

    From Hungary...a beautiful and difficult dance in a public square. As usual, the women's moves are the most complex...and lovely.

    From New Zealand...look at this...hey, where'd they go?

    From the U.K., a spectacular effort.

    And, finally, one that provides a bit of uplift for those that surely need it.


    While not a "flash mob" scene I found this impromptu street performance to be interesting and the music lovely.

    Bryson Andres



    This wedding had a surprise.
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    These were fun to watch. Thanks for posting them Atyp.

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