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    Blues from all eras that stimulate and soothe.

    Elmore James King Of The Slide Guitar
    Dust My Broom


    Clapton's version is great. So is one of the originals.

    Elmore James (4/2/16 link repaired)
    It Hurts Me Too

    Jimmy Reed
    Ain't That Lovin' You

    Slim Harpo
    Baby Scratch My Back

    Sonny Boy Williamson
    Keep It To Yourself[/SIZE]


    Here is the famous Robbie Robertson telling a story about meeting Sonny Boy Williamson. Important

    Lowell Fulsom

    Junior Parker
    Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On

    Howlin' Wolf
    Smokestack Lightnin'

    Little Walter
    My Babe[/B]

    Little Milton
    Grits Ain't Groceries

    John Lee Hooker
    Boom Boom

    John Lee Hooker/Van Morrison
    Serves Me Right To Suffer

    Lightnin' Hopkins
    Please Don't Go

    Muddy Waters
    You Can't Lose What You Never Had (ain't that the damn truth)

    With his trademarked "growl" here are some of his classics.

    Bobby "Blue" Bland
    Stormy Monday


    Bobby "Blue" Bland
    When Hearts Grow Cold


    Bobby "Blue" Bland
    That's The Way Love Is

    Bobby "Blue" Bland
    Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City


    Bobby "Blue" Bland
    Goin' Down Slow


    Bobby "Blue" Bland
    I Wouldn't Treat A Dog (anyone here relate to this? lol)


    Albert King's live version of Stormy Monday. Damn!

    Albert King was the originator of record of this tune. These covers pay tribute to the original, as they should, but add a flavor all their own.

    Albert King

    I'll Play The Blues For You (10/28/13 link repaired)

    Big Head Todd and The Monsters (3/29/17 I listen to this regularly. More than five years later this is one of the best versions I have ever heard.)

    I'll Play the Blues For You


    There are many traveling "bar bands" that have exceptional talent. Here's one that does this tune with the emotion and intensity it deserves.

    The David Gerald Band

    I'll Play The Blues For You


    Karen Carroll's great version used to be here but was made "private." Bummer. Try this.

    Stormy Monday (posted on Monday otherwise I would be irresponsible).


    Mighty Sam McCain

    When The Hurt Is Over


    If you like blues don't miss (any of) this!!

    Mighty Sam McCain

    Don't Worry About Me


    This is sooo nice.

    Snowy White (8/27/17 link repaired)

    Midnight Blues


    Things are grim. Need this more than ever.

    Kenny Neal

    Blues Fallin' Down Like Rain


    Research was necessary here. I am essentially confident that this is not as listed (Nortons play different music) however...

    5/25/17 ...continued research has uncovered the "truth." (I think) There are two bands using the name, The Nortons. One does not play blues and has different personnel. The other one fronted by this great singer is also known locally as The Nortons. This is a live version of that great tune with...

    Danielle Schnebelen

    Married To The Blues


    Danielle Schnebelen deserves another with the Kenny Wayne Shepard Band.


    This is so mellow, so smooth, and oh, so sweet.

    Sonny Black

    Blues Walkin' By My Side


    There are many great harp players around now. One of the best is Sugar Blue, who played on the Stones "Miss You".

    In Your Eyes



    When The Blues Catch Up With You


    Billy Branch with Lurrie Bell & The Sons Of The Blues (this tune demands stellar blues harp mastery; this version exceeds the standard)

    Help Me


    This is great.

    Billy Branch

    My Baby Caught The Train


    Blue Morning

    What Kind Of Woman Is This? (If you introduce me I'll try to find out.)


    Devil Blues

    Come Fly With Me


    Aynsley Lister

    Need Her So Bad (damn!)


    Alabama Blues Machine

    Must Be Love


    Mike Griffin

    The Blues Ain't Never Gonna Die


    Eddie Cotton, Jr

    Let's Straighten It Out


    A great sound that's also fun to listen to.


    Set Me Free


    Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat

    Sure As The Sun Rises


    Detroit Blues Band

    Tears From My Eyes


    Jimmy Carpenter

    Walk Away
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