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Thread: Reminiscences

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    The always innovative Nairobi Trio. Their onstage costumes, and props, were always ahead of the times.
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    It’s a Sunday afternoon in October and you’re in a small, cozy cafe, in the most famous city in the world. Outside it’s cool and windy, the sun shining brightly then instantly disappearing behind dark clouds as they pass.

    You have a book, or are with a friend. You sip your coffee and this begins to play…

    Oscar Peterson & The Stephane Grappelli Quartet

    If I Had You (10/20/13 repaired link)

    Shine - Grappelli
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    My main goal when starting this thread was to highlight lesser known musicians and their music whose quality always exceeded their relative popularity.

    To this end I have posted a variety of musical styles that, regardless of the era they come from, represent some of the best from that time.

    Here is another band that never had the recognition they deserved. Their lead singer on these recordings, James Dewar, had a unique, soulful voice.

    I could have posted many more great examples of their sound. Research their music.

    The great Robin Trower.

    Caledonia (link repaired 1/11/16)

    Long Misty Days

    Somebody Calling

    In City Dreams


    Same Rain Falls

    Oh, what the hell. Another one.

    Bridge Of Sighs (link repaired 7/20/15)
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    This is very special in a thread containing a lot of incredible music.

    Gene Harris was a great jazz pianist. He had a certain style…but, we’ll start with this first.

    Stay with me.

    This is a live performance and an elegant swinging version of a great tune.


    This selection shows his fantastic, wry, personal style – a hard-driving, down-home, foot-stompin’ beat. It says, here I come – get outta the way. Incredible sounds.

    A Little Blues There

    Now watch him play the same selection. I am repeating it to show his playfulness and enthusiasm and to provide a sense of the man’s talent.

    A Little Blues There (first half)


    Here is the rest.

    A Little Blues There

    This song starts slowly and you relax enjoying the beautiful sounds. Then he begins to add flavors of what is to come; dollops of gospel, boogie-woogie, blues, and, finally, a big batch of high-octane energy mixes it all together. In the hands (literally) of this brilliant pianist you can experience bliss.

    You Don’t Know Me

    There’s only one comment necessary about this next selection; beautiful.

    My Foolish Heart

    And, as we are approaching winter, I thought a look back would be nice.

    Here is Gene Harris adding his trademarked riffs to this lovely song. It’s a great performance, affecting for me because of the wonderful arrangement and passionate performance, and, because of what I have learned about him as a person. As a result, this is another (thread) song I can’t stop listening to. Watch/Listen to it. Or else!

    Summertime (12/18/13 changed vid - same brilliant arrangement)

    Harris died in 2000.

    I’ve read what many said about him. My sense is that he was a genuinely nice man. His death is a big loss for music and for the world.


    Just listen...and let this envelop you. Beautiful.

    Black and Blue
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    The Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Liszt is a beautiful piece.

    I found two artists who tried to do justice to the music, but, sorry to say, their efforts fell somewhat short as both had distractions.

    Decided to post them anyway but it might be painful to watch.

    Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (3/24/17 repaired link (again) - seems the cr is being aggressively protected)

    Victor Borge

    And you can dance to it, too.
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    The appropriate and necessary OWS actions remind me of an earlier time when many also did not let major injustice, inequality and illegality proceed unopposed.

    There were a lot of great bands around that time.

    It’s time to refresh our memories.

    The Youngbloods

    Harmony smooth as glass. And lyrics that ...

    Get Together ( 9/8/15 link repaired)

    This is a pretty, quirky song. Listen for the vibes.

    Ride The Wind

    Jesse Colin Young is essentially a folk singer and was a member of the Youngbloods. Here are two in a different style.

    The first is a song about choice; a jazzy, uptempo song that is infectious. Don't miss this! Pay attention to the lyrics.


    A slightly different, uptempo, and longer version of Ridgetop.

    And then there is this...a song that also fits the comment I made above; pretty and quirky. A love song. Don't miss this either.

    Sunlight (10/9/14 link repaired)

    Now, one for fun. A song that makes me smile every time I hear it.

    Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
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    This looks to me like the perfect relationship. No need for counseling...ever.

    Great sounds and lyrics, too.

    Mayer Hawthorne

    The Walk
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    More exceptional songs from great bands of the past that focused on societal problems or that were popular around that period. The best of the best.

    I sincerely feel that every song here is exceptional. Don't miss ANY of them. They're all great!

    The great Dave Mason was one of the original members of Traffic. Here are two of his great songs. (Watchtower by him on pg 17)

    Look At You, Look At Me

    Only You Know And I Know

    A great sound from…

    Buffalo Springfield

    On The Way Home



    The great…

    Quicksilver Messenger Service (link repaired 7/20/15)

    Fresh Air

    What About Me

    This band is great - no, more than great; the arrangements, the voices, and the strings create a special sound.

    It’s A Beautiful Day

    White Bird (1/25/16 Another necessary replacement version (fortunately live) due to deletion...but Pattie Santos eases the pain...sad she's gone.

    And, a studio version. (1/25/16 link repaired)

    Hot Summer Day (This is beautiful and the vocals are tops)

    Ten Years After

    I’d Love to Change the World (7/20/15 link repaired)


    A song with strange lyrics; caused no end of speculation. But very good.


    Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys


    Another original member of Traffic. A song with a message.

    Jim Capaldi

    Livin On The Edge


    A very, very beautiful song. With meaningful lyrics, too. The kind I like.

    Three Dog Night

    Easy To Be Hard


    Something a bit more recent. An important song about exploitation that is more important now than ever. A 2016 aside: spoke to an Aussie on the interwebs and mentioned this group. He said the singer is now a politician and is his rep.

    Midnight Oil

    Blue Sky Mine


    This is really about the government.


    The Pusher
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    Nice work there Typical. Good stuff.

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    The weekend... Time for music.

    Pavarotti and Barry White. Strange combination but sounds great.

    Never gonna give you up.

    I'm gonna love you

    Practice what you preach

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