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Thread: Reminiscences

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    And then there is another under-appreciated artist, Jeff Healy.

    He had a modest hit with this tune, a great bluesy sound. He was blind and reading comments I learned he has died. Sad.

    I Think I Love You Too Much.
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    He got a Grammy for this tune. Bout time! (then)

    It's Friday, y'all.

    The Great B.B.King - Riley 'Blues Boy' King,

    AND, Phil Collins and Eric Clapton. Blues harp is not common to this tune. Enjoy.

    The Thrill Is Gone.
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    Gil Scott-Heron has died.

    Poet, writer, performer and drug addict.

    He is well known for the iconic, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.


    This is a lament of alcohol in the ghetto - a great live version.

    The Bottle

    A striking melody with relevant lyrics for today. A post on the YT page says, "proundly beautiful". That begins to express the right appreciation. I agree.


    Winter In America (studio version)

    5/27/14 (the third link repair)

    9/23/14 Winter In America (a live version of this great song)

    This is an incredible song about a safety problem at a nuclear plant some years ago. It shows again that music that protests and raises awareness is not only important (and necessary) on its own - but also that it can entertain, too. Makes the medicine go down easier.


    We Almost Lost Detroit


    A magnificent song about discrimination.



    A beautiful song about loss.

    Give Her A Call


    Better Days Ahead


    This Must Be Deep - the copyright trolls deleted this.

    7/26/14 Inner City Blues (a replacement)


    I'll Take Care Of You (Replaced prior link, an instrumental, with an intentionally raw vocal performance)


    Don't Give Up

    Sometimes, when you research an artist you think you know, you learn you've previously missed the real significance of that person.

    We have lost someone very special. Not many of them around.

    He was once asked if his spoken-word music was to be credited for creating Rap. His response; "I don't know if I should get the blame for that."
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    Any Cubans here?

    Here's a tune by a great group.

    A taunting, melodic, haunting rebuke to Fidel. Lyrics - listen to the lyrics.


    Fidel's Fantasy

    12/25/12 Don't Let No One Get You Down

    They have many other worthy songs. Check them out.


    As I said above, there are many other great songs by this band. It's now time for this one.

    This tune had a rather specific message when it came out. Much time has passed since then, and, if you are not an ideologue, objectively you know that many other societal aspects have deteriorated. Piketty's book details only one symptom, albeit one of the most important. This song's message can now be expanded to include almost all of us in numerous ways. It should be an anthem...and it's great music, too.


    The World Is A Ghetto
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    If you don't like latin jazz, if you don't have a seatbelt, if you mind moves slowly, if you don't appreciate percussionists or if you don't appreciate complex melodies - don't watch!

    Michel Camilo An incredible jazz pianist.

    Mambo Inn

    This is is another standout performance by Michel Camiilo.

    12/22/12 Descarga For Tito

    After watching Camilo's music, I think his drummer, Horacio, 'el Negro', Hernandez, may be one of the very best playing this style.

    5/26/14 Listening to this post today I decided to do a little research. Found this. Damn! My comment above re Hernandez is truly understated. And, Camilo, whom I have known about for some time, shows why he is a giant. This group, including Anthony Jackson, is a monster. Watch this!

    On Fire (An aptly named tune)

    Mocha Hagotdi.
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    Okay, I'm in a latin mood. So?

    Maria and Esmeralda are dancing nearby.

    El Chicano.

    Viva Tirado

    In post 123, (Jose Feliciano) I added a lovely song, Sabor A Mi. I also listed the lyrics because of their haunting beauty. El Chicano has a great version that I like, too.

    12/23/12 Sabor A Mi

    2/7/13 A beautiful love song with great instrumentation, great singing, and some pictures of great rides.

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    Everyone has stories. I have stories. About meeting vibe player Johnny Lytle in Cleveland. He usually switched mallets for different songs, using what appeared to be ceramic ones, too, that had a high, piercing sound that was incredible to hear.

    Give these a listen. Exciting music.

    Johnny Lytle

    Blue Vibes


    Samba Saravah

    The Man


    Gwink (This cooks.)

    11/29/12 Tawhid (So does this!)

    12/25/12 Done It Again (Very nice.)

    12/25/12 Little Sunflower (Vibes and conga lead the way with organ, sax and guitar, too. It rocks).


    I've always liked this song; I have reasons. Many artists I admire, some in this thread, don't do it the way I think it should be played. Johnny Lytle does.

    This is beauty expressed as music.

    The Shadow Of Your Smile
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    Very pretty Atyp. Relaxing.

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    Don't get too relaxed or I'll be forced to...

    Add latin women and music. A great combination.

    Gloria Estefan and Jose Feliciano

    No Llores

    And for you, Julie.

    Marc Anthony

    Valio la Pena
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    NO. Don't you dare!!!

    You did. You woke me up. I dropped my cookie.
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