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Thread: Reminiscences

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    When I first heard Jethro Tull I didn't much like them. Now I appreciate their music. Unique - veddy English, but in a nice way.

    2/7/13 This, of course, is one they are known for.

    Aqualung (2/13/16 link repaired)
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    It's Saturday nite. I think it's time for me to liven things up with a little Barry Manilow.

    Don't leave, be right back.

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    Sometimes a singer makes a song his/her own and creates an arrangement that equals or exceeds the original. This, perhaps, is one of those. I passed on a live version because this one has better sound.

    The incomparable Jose Feliciano.

    California Dreamin' (12/15/13 repaired link). This is magnificent.


    Not being Latin I cannot claim to be familiar with a large portion of that music. This selection I know and can say without hesitation that it's a great example of how beautiful Latin music, and lyrics, can be.

    Feliciano is joined by Gloria Estefan.

    Sabor A Mi


    For so long we've enjoyed this love,
    our souls have drawn so close,
    that a trace of you remains within me,
    and you, also, have taken on a trace of me.

    If you were ever to deny my influence on your life
    My embrace and a little conversation would suffice
    to prove otherwise
    so much of my life, I've given to you,
    that, by now, you can't help but retain a trace of me

    I'm not trying to be youir master
    For I am nothing, and have no vain illusions.
    Of my life, I give my best,
    For I am so poor, what other thing can I give?

    A thousand years may pass, and more
    I don't know if love exists in eternity
    But there, just as here, on your lips
    you'll always carry a trace of me...

    Another version of this lovely song, by El Chicano, is on the next page at post 136. It's great.


    Jose Feliciano is known for his versions of Light My Fire. Here is one at "Daryl's House". Superb. (10/5/16 link repaired)

    Light My Fire


    Once more...once.

    Jose Feliciano

    The Thrill Is Gone


    An instrumental cover of a lovely Beatles tune with the unmistakable Feliciano touch...and some touching pictures.

    And I Love Her
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    Great version Atyp! Thank you.

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    Ah, latin jazz. I could wax rhapsodic (what the hell does that mean?) forever.

    Poncho Sanchez

    For those that didn't eat their fruit today.

    Watermelon Man

    12/22/12 Cal Tjader was a vibraphonist who was prominent some years ago. This is one of his compositions, honored by Sanchez, who played with him. It's great.

    I Showed Them
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    Beautiful Sunday afternoon music. Or evening.

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    This is someone who never got anywhere near the popularity he deserved - Al Jarreau.

    His voice and fun mannerisms coupled with his ability to scat are incredible.

    Here is a performance in Europe where he did his version of Brubeck's Take Five.

    Fun, exciting, innovative and the band is tops.

    Al Jarreau

    Take Five
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    Julietoo has said that this thread is addictive.

    Well, this song is addictive. Very addictive. A narcotic.

    Crank it up (only if you can). Flavors of funk, reggae, jazz - and great percussion.

    Third World

    Now That We've Found Love

    And a live version with a surprise.

    12/25/15 deleted by vendor


    Third World In Concert

    Tony "Ruption" Williams

    Third World

    Dancing On The Floor

    Ride On


    96 Degrees In The Shade


    Try Jah Love
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    And now, like a good DJ, lets take it down - to smooth - to elegant - to lush - (there's that word again) to smoky-voiced Diana Krall. And, she plays piano well, too.

    Diana Krall

    Walk On By (4/27/17] better vid added - the one I posted originally which was deleted is now back)


    So Nice (12/20/15 link repaired)

    All Or Nothing At All

    ...and then there is this song that expresses so much...


    Julie London owns this song many could be.

    Julie London

    Cry Me A River

    Diana Krall

    Cry Me A River (4/27/17 new vid)


    The Look Of Love (4/27/17 live vid - the original is back)


    We lost Natalie Cole, another great performer recently. Here she is swingin' with Diana Krall.

    Route 66

    4/28/17 (all below)

    A song written by Elvis Costello, Ms. Krall's husband.

    Diana Krall

    Almost Blue

    It's common that those who prefer a certain musician's version of something will easily dismiss others. Almost Blue is another tune that is in that category. Seems many say Chet Baker's version is the best. He was a trumpet player and singer...let's see...

    Chet Baker

    Almost Blue

    There is so much great music from Chet Baker. Here are a few more.

    Chet Baker

    Every Time We Say Goodbye

    Chet Baker


    And, the very beautiful Bruno Martino masterpiece...

    Chet Baker

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    Very pretty song by Diana Krall. Got me looking at her other songs.
    The Look of Love. Lush, just like you said.

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