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Thread: Reminiscences

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriuslyLong View Post
    Julie, nice work dude-ette.

    I'm feeling a little, well......

    and while I'm here...

    And if you like that one, here it is really live
    Thank you SL. It is with much trial and many errors that I have finally caught on to doing something that turned out to be so utterly simple. I was making it much harder than it actually was, something I tend to do in many other areas.
    By the way (or BTW) I have never seen that group before. Does that make me out of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atypical View Post
    Perhaps Hawaii. Never been there but have never heard anyone say they didn't like it.

    You're right. Pack light.

    I think a nude beach sounds about right. And Margaritas. Moonlight, warmth and drinks.

    And 'Waltzing Matilda' for those with a macabre sense of humor. A distant reference, but appropriate.
    Airport Security will be a breeze. Hawaii sounds beautiful. One small problem. Half of our last day on earth will be spent flying there. Unless of course they serve Margaritas on the flight, then who cares.

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    On this trip nothing matters. Just enjoy the ride.

    Ruben Blades is Panamanian. He has acted in many movies and has a law degree, too. Saw him in person. Stood the entire two plus hours - no chairs - who cared.

    I once saw him interviewed on television. He was asked where he went to school and got his degree. He said he transferred to Harvard in his senior year of law school. The host said, "Why did you do that"? His response; "You think I'm stupid"?

    His music, and much of other latin music is very sensual, exciting, beautiful and can't be topped for pure joy. The percussion alone is wondrous to hear. This song is an example of his style. Listen and watch the conga, bongo and timbale player's solos. If you don't get to movin', then you ain't really alive. Viva la raza.

    Todos Vuelven 4/6/14 (exchanged the prior video for another that is more expansive; a form of evolution)
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    We're still here Atyp. The thread continues....

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    And here we could have been in Hawaii, sipping a Margarita and soaking up rays.

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    Yes, and I would be out money for jet fuel.

    But the trip, drinks and sun would have been worth it, right?
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    Most certainly worth it.

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