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    Ladies and Gents,

    Now for something mellow. Groove on this for awhile.

    Soulful Strut/Young-Holt Unlimited

    And then crank it up a little. "People Got to be Free" by The Young Rascals, led by their lead singer, the great Felix Cavaliere. (1/2/16 link repaired)

    One of the best Young Rascals songs. The organ arrangement, and the horns, adds a magnificent sound.

    I've Been Lonely Too Long (link repaired 8/21/14)


    This song deserves to be promoted as one of the loveliest songs ever done during this period...and after.

    The Young Rascals

    How Can I Be Sure


    The Young Rascals

    A Beautiful Morning (happy music that we need)


    A few for the happy sounds.

    The Chairman Of The Board

    Give Me Just A Little More Time


    Jay And The Techniques

    Apple Peaches Pumpkin Pie

    Smooth but exciting luxurious jazz. Lush describes it well. I really like that word applied to music.

    Andre Previn

    Like Young

    A beautiful song and a magnificent replacement for Errol Garner's version of the same tune. This arrangement is unsurpassed.

    Barbra Streisand

    The Shadow of Your Smile[url]

    5/26/14 This song is so beautiful that it requires a second version by another of the finest ballad singers that ever lived. She was popular around the same time as Streisand's early career, leaving us in 1990. Her voice and style are her own and stunning.

    Sarah Vaughan

    The Shadow Of Your Smile


    This song is so evocative to me, that I decided to look for other artists that presented it with the emotion and poignancy it deserved. After listening to some of the best singers who ever lived I was only able to choose one to add to Barbra and Sarah.

    Tony Bennett

    The Shadow Of Your Smile

    12/15/13 Errol Garner's own composition. He was one of the most magnificent pianists who ever lived. So there.



    There has been much written about this huge talent; her troubles with addiction, discrimination, relationships and the scars that resulted. This is a fine example of her talent.

    Billie Holiday

    I'm A Fool To Want You

    This song is a haunting symbol of her pain about society's vicious and grotesque behavior toward black people. Listen carefully to the lyrics.

    Billie Holiday

    Strange Fruit
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