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    Okay, this is it!

    I, and others, have posted some great tunes. A moderate variety of styles and types; all worthy examples of great music.

    This time, Santana and John Lee Hooker - the former one of the greatest bands ever; the latter, an exemplar of the essence of the blues.

    Lower the lights. Ask her to dance - or just watch. Haunting and sensual.

    The Healer (Latin Blues?)


    A song from the 70s, originally recorded by Timmy Thomas, done spectacularly by Santana, Steve Miller and Ry Cooder. Another example why I like a Latin sound. Damn!

    Why Can't We Live Together?


    No puedo ayudarme a mí mismo. Vaya!


    Oye Como Va


    Can now answer the question I asked above. The Vargas Blues Band, fronted by Javier Vargas, plays some great music. Here is a sample of a great Latin Blues(y) sound that builds and builds.

    The Vargas Blues Band

    Sacalo (chill out)

    And, a very pretty tune...

    Del Sur


    Another beautiful, haunting tune...

    Blues Latino
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