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    Okay, this is it!

    I, and others, have posted some great tunes in a variety of styles and types; all worthy examples of great music.

    This time, Santana and John Lee Hooker - the former one of the greatest bands ever - the latter an exemplar of the essence of the blues.

    Lower the lights. Ask her to dance - or just watch. Haunting and sensual.

    The Healer (Latin Blues?) (9/24/17 link repaired)


    A song from the 70s, originally recorded by Timmy Thomas, done spectacularly with an added latin flavor by Santana, Steve Miller and Ry Cooder. Another example of the wonderful latin sound.

    Why Can't We Live Together?


    No puedo ayudarme a mí mismo. Vaya!


    Oye Como Va


    Can't resist adding this version to complement Señor Vargas' version below. BOTH are magnificent.

    John Lee Hooker & Santana

    Sacalo (chill out)


    Can now answer the question I asked above. The Vargas Blues Band, fronted by Javier Vargas, plays some great music. Here is a sample of a great Latin blues(y) sound that builds and builds.

    The Vargas Blues Band

    Sacalo (chill out)

    And, a very pretty tune...

    Del Sur


    Another beautiful, haunting tune...

    Blues Latino
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