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Thread: Reminiscences

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    I have an affinity for the blues - always have.

    Vaughn, Clapton, Moore, and, of course, the originators like King.

    I wasn't planning on doing this today but here is another great...

    Muddy Waters

    Got My Mojo Workin'.

    It can be fun reading the posts after these musical videos. Like after this one.

    Thanks for the Vaughn reminder.
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    Now that's a throwback!!

    We shouldn't forget this individual.

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    Now, cut that out!!

    I own some Cray. He's a bit commercial (helps sell records) but I like most of his stuff.

    Then there is jazz. 500 posts coming up.


    Watched this again tonight. Many thanks, SiriuslyLong. It's great.
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    Thanks for the great videos guys. Keep those 500 new posts coming.

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    No, not sorry!

    Saw this band in 1983 or 84 at the performing arts center at West Virginia University.

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    Sorry doesn't cut it. I knew you would retract it.

    Les McCann and Eddie Harris

    This is a jazz classic and the lyrics are still meaningful.

    'Compared To What.'

    If you have any appreciation for jazz don't miss this.

    Eddie Harris

    Listen Here.


    This is another Harris (studio) version of the same tune with a different tempo. A wonderful recording.

    Listen Here

    These two greats, McCann and Harris, made fantastic music together.

    A tune about a fizzy wine popular around that time.

    Cold Duck Time


    Here, Eddie Harris appears with Les McCann but doesn’t play sax. Instead he plays piano and sings a playful, funny, self-deprecating song called “Eddie Who”? He describes his accomplishments (e.g., creating an electrified sax) but implies he gets no respect for them, and, as a result, no one knows him. The beat is a tasty, ramblin’, shufflin’ one that you don’t want to end.

    Eddie Who?


    This tune has great sounds and is a little funky.

    Les McCann and Eddie Harris

    Set Us Free


    Another great song with thoughtful lyrics.

    Les McCann and Eddie Harris

    Universal Prisoner


    A beautiful melody with spice added by Harris (sax), Benny Bailey (trumpet), and Les McCann anchoring on the piano.

    The Generation Gap


    Les and Eddie doing another great one. Donald Dean is on drums.

    You Got It In Your Soulness


    Les McCann, by himself, playing a beautiful and affecting tune. I wonder what it may have meant to him at the time.


    And Lloyd, just don't sit there...Clap, do something!

    Not familiar with Lorber. Nice.
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    Listening and watching to the best of my ability.

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    Here is one more by Gary Moore. Initial post with him above.

    Try it.

    Empty Rooms (changed link 9/21/14)
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    Excellent tune, but I did have a giggle at the 80's look -- I mean, did you see the drummer?

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