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    I have a life-long affinity for the blues that started when i was just into double digits.

    Recent examples like Vaughn, Clapton, and Moore are great; most importantly, the originators like King and his contemporaries are memorable.

    I wasn't planning on doing this today but here is another great; one of the icons of the blues. None better.

    Muddy Waters

    Got My Mojo Workin'.

    It can be fun reading the posts after these musical videos. Like after this one.


    It's not Muddy enough around here. Let's fix that! The wailin' blues harp is a great sound.

    Muddy Waters

    Champagne & Reefer

    Muddy Waters

    Mannish Boy

    The blues musician many credit with being the most influential of the originators...

    Robert Johnson

    Sweet Home Chicago

    Post 211 (pg22) provides a good sample of other great artists of this genre.


    This addition will improve the "originators" category referred to above re RJ.

    Robert Lockwood Jr

    Ain't Nobody's Business


    This famous blues artist has a tune later in the thread. It is not enough.

    Howlin' Wolf

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