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    Doobie Brothers Live at Wolf Trap.

    A beautiful, sad song.

    Another Park, Another Sunday (4/21/18 link repaired - one with video deleted by vendor)


    I really like this song and I repeat it here with the studio version. Why? Because this version has an organ and vibes which adds much to the sound. The live one uses only a sax. Variety is good.

    And, the lyrics are unbeatable.

    Another Park, Another Sunday


    Here's one that's beautiful, soulful, and great.

    South City Midnight Lady (10/30/15 link repaired)

    Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable.

    Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
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    Seldom do I think you post without a cause, but this might be the exception. Thanks. Saw them twice live, both are well worth remembering. Funny it was when the one guitarist (in the link) busted into China Grove prematurely at the Allentown Fairgrounds. You know how that starts.

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    ...Another Park, Another Sunday

    Much of the music of any era concerns wanting love, getting it or losing it. There is then much to pick from. I posted this link because I have always liked the song, think the group is as relevant as they have ever been and think the concert (and the DVD) are very well done.

    Finding this clip from the Wolf Trap appearance provoked memories, memories that many of us undoubtedly have experienced in our own way. I also thought that the group may not be familiar to some and likewise the tune (flip side to Blackwater). I wanted to encourage others to find them and to enjoy this particular song, one that I have always found to be a poignant catalyst for remembering what can sometimes be painful to recall. It was also a welcome break from the grim condition of the country that concerns me daily.

    A philosophical moment, I guess.

    I'll try not to let it happen again.
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    No, no, these are your BEST posts. Keep 'em coming - music the uniter.

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    And Now For Something Different

    Jefferson Starship

    A great song, and because of some lyrics, banned on many stations. Expressed a nice sentiment. Delicious really.

    This is the uncensored version.

    Miracles (8/12/17 link repaired)

    Grace Slick
    Marty Balin
    Paul Kantner
    Craig Chiquico
    Johnny Barbata

    This is one of my all-time favorite rock songs.



    Paul Kantner is gone. He was one of the founders of this!


    So, I'm listening to "Jane" again because, as I said, it's a major favorite. The song ends and the usual YT screen comes up with suggestions.

    One of them was a how-to video for the song with a singer's name I had not seen before. I decided to watch expecting to only spend a few seconds on the "tutorial."


    (There are more videos on YT. She obviously deserves a major opportunity).

    Gabriela Gunčíková

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    LMFAO - I saw them too! And at the Allentown Fairgrounds as well (on the track). One of the best concerts I've ever seen (it may have been the weed, can't say for sure?). I loved it. Lot's a great solo's, and "Jane" was awesome (as it always is). All of the show's I've seen, that was THE most memorable; I think because I didn't realize how many great songs they made.

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