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    Being an older guy, 4 subs.....and long SIRI

    Enjoy alot of talk at home Nascar CNN CNBC but at work or travelling there is nothing better than oldies mixed liberally with Buffett and Sinatra.
    Have a Stiletto 100 so can save many favorites.
    Back in the old days used to search Napster now is so convenient to store library.

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    My day starts with '60s on 6 on XM. Then it's The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius OutQ. Then it's NASCAR until about 5pm or 6pm CT. From there it music. Sirius or XM, unless there's a race on...

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    As another "oldster" on these boards, I like to listen to 60's music. Now I know there is a 60's station on Sirius. However, what I would like is a channel playing the British Invasion only. There are thousands and thousands of songs from that genre. And I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who loved it. If they can have a Grateful Dead station and a Bruce Springsteen channel, why not the British Invasion? It is actually the music from then that inspired so many of the musicians to later become so successful.

    What about it, Sirius.

    P.S. I could have suggested a Beatles channel, but I know that won't fly!

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