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Thread: Stern Lawsuit Filing

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriuslyLong View Post
    Not Charlie Sheen? $hit.

    The quote sounds like too reasonable a response; therefore, I attribute it to you.

    The Jimmy Fallon links didn't work for me, but my PC is on its last legs.
    lol - Thank you SL . . . the idea has in fact crossed my mind many-many times . . . but we must of course give credit where credit is due and it is Howard's original thought . . . not my own.

    Here's the pertinent Fallon link (it takes a little time to load . . . then a short commercial); fast-forward to about the 2:00 minute mark . . . very important what Stern said:


    Stern: You wanna know something, it's the best move I ever made . . . honestly, I haven't heard from anyone in management in months.
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