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Thread: Stern Lawsuit Filing

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    Stern Lawsuit Filing

    All boils down to this single paragraph . . . the rest of the complaint is puffery:

    64. On or about, March 4, 2010, Richard Basch, Executive Vice President,
    Legal and Administrative Affairs at Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc., wrote to Patrick
    Donnelly, Sirius's General Counsel, asking for an explanation as to why the performance-based
    compensation was not paid for either 2008 or 2009. Despite the parties' agreement and Sirius's
    own public pronouncements regarding its subscriber levels, Donnelly claimed that Sirius
    subscribers on the XM platform did not count towards the total number of Sirius subscribers.

    Basch pointed out that this position was contrary to the plain meaning of the Agreement and the
    parties' intent, but Sirius steadfastly refused to pay the performance-based compensation due to
    One Twelve and the corresponding amount due to Buchwald
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