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Thread: SC-C1 SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner not activating

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    SC-C1 SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner not activating

    I have a SiriusConnect Vehicle Tuner attached to my cars radio and have noticed something strange. It has 4 Sirius "bands" SR1, SR2, SR3, and SR4. Only SR4 seems to work, with the others all saying they need to be activated, even though they use the same tuner. Shouldn't all of the "bands" be active and working as they are part of the same tuner?

    My mothers car has a factory radio with Sirius and is the same way, 4 "bands" and only one works.

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    Aren't the "bands" presets for channels? Are you sure you just don't have any channels programmed for the other bands? Sounds strange.
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