Cramer's assertion that if it fails to come together by the end of June, that it will be pushed until September seems kind of arbitrary to me. It pretty much goes against the analyst opinions and speculation that an answer will be coming in July. And he gives no real procedural reason.

I think it's kind of rediculous to speculate that just because they can't get it together by today, that it can't come in this week or, the next, or the next for that matter.

And I don't buy the idea that they would intentionally delay this out to September if that is what he was trying to insinuate. There's already been enough press regarding the amount of time its been with them, I don't think they would get away with such a delay without drawing a lot of attention to their (lack of) actions. And everyday that goes by, its going to become more and more of a pressing issue.

Plus, I hear a lot on both sides regarding the finances of both companies. Is it even in the realm of possibility for one to file bankruptcy by September or is Cramer just talking out of his ass again. I know they aren't exactly healthy, but I was under the impression that they have legs to get into 2009 at the very least.