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Thread: Dr. Drew Fears for Internet Radio Blogger

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    Dr. Drew Fears for Internet Radio Blogger

    Although he has not treated Tyler Savery, Dr. Drew Pinsky was asked his opinion about Savery's recent statements . . . such as the following:

    Savery on the Pandora business model . . .

    "In 2010 the (Pandora) service generated $10 million per month in revenue. Sirius XM generates $5 million a month in advertising revenue. Let’s assume that Pandora is getting $5 million in ad revenue each month (matching SIRI) . . . it means they are getting $5 million per month from subscriptions. In my opinion over 75% of their revenue will be from subscriptions. The shift happened when they shifted to a more sub based model over a year ago. It is why they are almost profitable now."

    Savery on the success of the Sirius Buzz website . . .

    "Traffic at this site is an all time high. This is the most viewed satellite radio stock/discussion website on the web and grows every day. Every day is just filled with just wins. All we do is put wins in the record books. People are actually coming in droves, not leaving. Don't put f*ucking words in my mouth. You're not g*damn smart enough to do it. Everyone wants to separate this thing down to the gnat's ass. Winning."

    Dr. Drew:

    Yeah, that’s denial. That’s what we call stinking thinking. Thank god he’s not an airline pilot — when it does impact his work, then you know he’s on his last legs.

    Pinsky says that Savery is exhibiting signs of "hypomania," a symptom of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Hypomania is characterized by delusions of grandeur, euphoria, irritability, extreme creativity, drive for success (uh-hem... winning...) and reduced need for sleep.

    The "Celebrity Rehab" star explained, "It's no joke, he's getting manic ... these are bi-polar, manic symptoms." Drew adds, "I'm frightened for the guy."
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    omg. This is too funny SRK.

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