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Thread: Siri Stock Thread March 2011

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    Good Pissing Match Worth Watching & Learning!

    . . . in a suit filed in federal court in New York on Monday, Emmis sues Alden and its principal Randall Smith, alleging improper stock trading behavior last Spring. The company claims that Smith violated the SEC rules about "short-swing profits" in February, March and April 2010, when it engaged in transactions known as cash-settled equity swap agreements.

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    Best Way to Lose New Clients!

    This might be one of the single best advertisements I have seen for NOT seeking investment help from Gramercy Capital Mgt. Corp.!

    This article is an embarrassment filled with factual inaccuracies, speculation, unsupported claims and assumptions, an apparent lack of basic research, gross omissions and seemingly libelous attacks on the business acumen of David Frear.

    Here are a few snippets from Joan's masterwork . . . but I must warn you, there is a good chance you might pee yourself silly reading her drivel:

    Eventually Sirius caught up with XM and then merged with it after a long contentious battle through the U.S. regulators and the Congress.
    I guess I missed the big celebration the day Sirius caught-up to XM; I hope you didn't over-indulge Joan. You too have a good memory Joan, it seems like just yesterday that Congress had a contentious debate over the merger. I think I may have even watched it on CSPAN. That vote on the House floor was a real nail-biter; and the Senate, I feared it would never pass the senate.

    Poor decisions by Mel Karmazin CEO based on very bad advice from CFO David Frear left the company with insufficient cash and cash flow to pay the interest on its debt.
    Yes in deed Joan, why I remember saying to julietoo . . . I said Julie, if we could only somehow manage to scrape up the payments for the interest on this debt with the couple 100 million COH we have available, we wouldn't even have to worry about Charlie Ergin's unwillingness to roll the Feb-Converts or the Shylocks' refusals to restructure the maturing bank loan in May. Hey David, you readin this? I know, I know . . . just another crackpot; I don't know pal, you got a pretty thick skin but if I'm you . . . I gotta draw the line somewhere.

    Bankruptcy was imminent when John Malone and Liberty Media (LINTA) swept in with enough cash to buy 40% of Sirius."
    Yes in deed Joan, it was a good thing John Malone "bought" that 40%. Seems like only yesterday me and relmor were dancing a jig we were so happy to have found a "buyer." Having Malone buy that 40% was a much better option than trading it for a short-term bridge loan. You got some sharp memory Joan . . . must be why you're a "Top Stock Picker."

    Malone loves tax loss carry-forwards and Sirius has them in spades. However, they will evaporate if Liberty moves to acquire the rest of Sirius prior to May 2012 so we have another year to wait to find out how that will play out.
    Hey Joan . . . do they cover "Reverse Morris Trusts" in the CFA curriculum?

    His attorneys assert that they were included in distributing Howard’s content to XM subscribers and therefore those subscribers should count for the bonus.
    Good point Joan . . . whadda ya say we pay Howard for the million or so XM subscribers who hear Howard's content via the "Best of" programming and call it a day? Oops, sorry, that extra million still doesn't hit the bonus target; my bad.

    When interviewed this week about this compensation dispute, Stern was very circumspect and acknowledged the contradiction between his job to promote Sirius XM at the very time he is suing them.
    Yes Joan . . . that was quite an interview, wasn't it? It's not often that a caller gets to interview a radio host while calling into the Howard Stern Show . . . but that caller, that caller was like Piers Morgan!

    Almost all cars and light trucks are now manufactured with receivers for satellite radio
    Holy $hit lady . . . I'm almost tempted to not even correct this one cuz it sounds so pleasing to the ear but unless 65% has suddenly become almost 100%, you might just want to pick up a transcript of the last conference call.

    By owning Sirius XM, you don’t have to care which car company is outselling the other at any given month.
    OMG, please, lady . . . close-out your position in siri immediately; this is not the right stock for you. Spencer, I know I've been a little rough on you but could ya help a brother in need? Tell her, please . . . . you've already got the boiler-plate written; just slap-up a new article with a few revisions. I think my friggin head is gonna explode if I try and explain it to her.

    Keep your eye on David Frear’s stock transactions and S4 filings. He seems to know exactly when the shares are about to peak out and sell a bunch as he did recently when he sold 375,000 shares at $1.78 on 2/18/11 for a total value of $667,538.
    Joan? Be honest now, are we up-to-date on our continuing-ed cycle? (now I'm starting to feel sorry for this lady)

    According to myriad press releases through the years from both Howard Stern and his boss at Sirius, Mel Karmazin, the survival and success of Sirius was the direct result of bringing in the well known self-styled radio talk show host to boost its brand awareness. There is no question that the idea worked in spades. After a year of Howard, the number of subscribers ballooned to 3,316,560 by the end of 2005.
    You know something Joan? It is rather remarkable! I mean, after a year of Howard at Infinity during 2005, before he ever even went on the air at Sirius in January 2006, he brought in over 3 million subscribers; what the hell . . . lets hit the punch bowl and pay him for 2005 as well!

    Seeking investment help with your portfolio. Contact us. Don’t let a beginner practice on your retirement funds. Turn Gramercy Capital’s decades of experience to your advantage. We’ve been ranked #1 in the Nelson’s Directory of Registered Investment Advisors. Contact us at
    Keep Joan's decades of experience I'd rather have the beginner! Ooh-Fah, what a disaster

    btw, note to Gramercy Capital Mgt. Corp and Joan E. Lappin, CFA . . . . I have copied and pasted the article as written at the time of this post into a Word document; if this article is later edited without notation, I will post the entire unedited article to highlight the factual errors that have been corrected as well as any libelous claims that may have been retracted.
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    Joan E. Lappin

    Joan E. Lappin, our President and Chief Investment Officer, has 4 decades of Wall Street experience; first as a media and entertainment analyst and since 1980, as a portfolio manager. She has seen both bull markets and bear markets; and each more than once. Mrs. Lappin, who has been included in Marquis' Who's Who in the World, has managed assets for some of America's largest corporations and for high net worth individuals. Turn her decades of experience to your advantage.

    Renowned as a "stock picker," Business Week has called Mrs. Lappin "an investment guru" and she has been well recognized as the subject of feature stories in such well known publications as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Newsweek, Barron's, Money, The New York Sun, Delta Sky Magazine, and USA Today, among many others. In February 2002, The New York Times' Sunday Business credited Mrs. Lappin with being the only analyst on Wall Street to spot phony accounting at Qwest Communications in 1998 when it was a Wall Street darling.

    Phone #: 212.935.6909 . . . if you call, ask for Joan. If Joan is not in, ask for Sherli Looi. If Sherli Looi isn't in, you'll have to leave a voice message in the general mailbox as this outfit would appear to be a two-man operation.
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    I think even Matt Harrigan is laughing at this lady . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirius Roadkill View Post
    I think even Matt Harrigan is laughing at this lady . . . .
    Great job like always SRK !

    Have deliberations begun on Day 3 yet Muscle vs Tyler ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxminvestor View Post
    Great job like always SRK !

    Have deliberations begun on Day 3 yet Muscle vs Tyler ?
    Yes SXM . . . in fact, the jurors have just wrapped-up 5 straight days of deliberations and are off for the weekend. The jury is now buttoned-up tighter than a clam's ass and we haven't had any more leaks since Juror # 1 was dismissed.

    However, I am hearing from sources very close to the case that Savery is considering dismissing his entire legal team, possibly paving the way for an appeal if the pending verdict is unfavorable.

    Stay tuned . . . more legal wrangling to come.

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    Best of Joan Lappin, CFA

    What Joan told investors on April 28, 2006:

    Last but not least among Sirius' attractions is the presence of Mel Karmazin. Karmazin
    launched Stern's career when he ran Infinity Broadcasting, which owned WFAN, Stern's
    home in New York. As Karmazin likes to brag, he has made $20 million per year for the
    last 20 years. He doesn't need to work. But once Stern jumped to Sirius, Karmazin did,

    Karmazin knows more about radio than anyone in the U.S. He is salivating at the
    opportunity to sell commercials on the company's talk channels, while vowing that Sirius
    will keep its music channels free of commercials. Many analysts are ignoring this source
    of revenue, but that is a mistake. One of the knocks on Sirius in the past was its
    profligate spending ways. It should also be noted that nobody runs a tighter ship with
    regard to expenses than Karmazin does, so those days are over!

    My firm has owned Sirius since Karmazin arrived. We haven't made money yet on our
    first lot of shares, and we bought more in March at $4.51. We are very patient long-term
    investors. I don't know how soon the Street will figure out the value here, but eventually it
    will. This isn't a trade, something I don't know how to do.
    What Joan told investors on March 25, 2011:

    There is an old expression about “If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig!” One might ponder the degree to which management of Sirius behaved in a most piggish behavior in 2009. With the stock at $0.43 after the Liberty bounce, huge option grants were given to Karmazin and Frear and others in top management. I’m talking millions of shares here. In my view, it was the bad decisions by these two in particular that were responsible for almost putting the company down for the count.
    Come-on everybody . . . sing it with me now . . . you know the tune:

    Maestro . . . Cue the Bongos!

    Funny how things can change Joanie . . . . funny how things can change.
    Funny how Joanie can change things . . . . funny how Joanie can change.

    btw . . . what's my source for that 2006 quote you ask? oh, just a little publication you may have heard of . . . it's called:


    how's dem apples! pretty sour I'd say . . . . much like Joan's grapes

    I swear, if ya didn't know better, you'd think I was making this stuff up!

    footnote: for those who don't know, I never-ever link to thestreet.con as I refuse to drive traffic to Jimmy's little website
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    Harrigan Revises Again!

    In a research note issued this morning, Matt Harrigan of Wunderlich Securities has downgraded Sirius XM from Hold to Sell while cutting his 1 year price target from $1.65 to $1.64.

    Says Harrigan:

    The cooler than normal temperatures this morning in the Northeastern United States could keep buyers away from dealer showrooms today, thus having a negative impact on SAAR. We therefore move our opinion from Hold to Sell while cutting our 1 year price target from $1.65 to $1.64. Even if temperatures should warm up later this afternoon, we feel that Siri is fully valued at current levels. Additionally, the very recent invention of the ipod and itunes could shift the competitive landscape near term.
    Matt Harrigan . . . the Shakiest Analyst in the West!

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    This is way better than reading all the other SXM stock market websites combined. I think you might be able to charge a subscription fee for just your posts. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Havakasha View Post
    I think you might be able to charge a subscription fee for just your posts. lol.
    Thanks Lloyd . . . I'm grandfathering-you-in as a free lifetime sub . . . just so long as I get my tickets to the screening!

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