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Thread: I'm out of here...

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    I'm out of here...

    I'm not going to put up with this. Good luck to all. Watch how homer stops posting when I leave...please delete my account info here. I won't be needing it anymore.

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    Umm, I think you all need to chillax. It is a pointless argument since we really cannot truly know why XM was working overtime (or if they were). It is possible they were doing some accounting for the impending merger. It is possible they were helping with the guidance that came out today.

    Either way, the companies are (hopefully) going to merge relatively soon and this will all be moot.

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    agreed. it will be a shame if you leave crfceo the whole point of this board is to get multiple views and discussion going.

    don't take things so personally

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    Please reconsider, you have made many valuable posts and comments here.

    Whe all had a bad day today with the price action of these stocks, don't let things get you down.

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    I have posted my views in several threads and will do so again here.

    No body is out to get you. We all have opinions and everyone is free to post those opinions, including you and homer. If those opinions do not match, well hell, thats what America is made of right?

    You have some very insightful posts and it would be a shame if you were to leave. Please reconsider.

    I will also be sending this as a private message to you. Hopefully you have it set to send PMs to your real email account, in case you really do not check back here again, and suggest everyone else do the same.

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    Let me tell you how stupid you are being... I don't even know who "homer" is, that is how relevant he is to me as a part of these forums.

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