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Thread: I don't want commercial free "radio".

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    Unhappy I don't want commercial free "radio".

    I'm a professional driver and have had Sirius for 3 years. We drivers listen 10 plus hours a day so I'm probably more frustrated than the average listener. My main point is I don't want terrestrial radio without commercials, I want streaming music.

    My favorite way to listen to music is through Comcast digital cable. They have great variety with absolutely no talk, just one song after another. They don't tell me I'm listening to Comcast or play stupid bumpers over and over for months at a time. I know I'm listening to Sirius because I'm paying for it. Also, I have a screen that tells me the song information and the channel.

    I don't need a DJ who can "hit the post". If people liked someone talking over the beginning of the song it would be on the cd. In fact I don't need a DJ for anything.

    I like classic rewind, the pulse , the highway, bluesville, 70's, 60's, and soultown in that order. Classic rewind needs more variety and I'm sick of the "We play new songs by old artists" bit. Just play the song and run "New Music" across the screen.
    I don't think the pulse ever goes from one song into the next without some kind of talk or ID.

    I was hoping Howard would resign so I could cancel but I probably will anyway. He's gotten a little predictable and bitchy.

    Maybe the problem is Sirius is programmed by terrestrial radio guys who don't know what the listener really wants.
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