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Thread: RUMOR mill.....but plausible...

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    RUMOR mill.....but plausible...

    This info was posted on th e yahoo message board. It's dated the 28th.

    "I have a good friend who works at the accounting department at XM - They were told to report first thing this morning to start the QTR close - ( they never are called in for the weekend.) They were also told that anyone thinking of taking a vacation or the day of July 4th better cancel their plans. In his words, something changed yesterday ....not normal activity in the office"
    Now the yahoo boards are famous for not so reliable info. But look what was posted today!

    "The most recent annual report, and if applicable, quarterly report, is available for XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.
    Last update: 6/29/2008 5:55:51 AM
    XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.: The most recent annual report, and if applicable, quarterly report, is available at no fee.
    To order, visit or call 1-888-301-0513
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    June 29, 2008 05:55 ET (09:55 GMT)
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    Thats some pretty good "not so reliable" info! Don't you think? The SEC has no filings posted for the 29th. In fact they have not processed any since the 26th. So tomorrow will tell the story...
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