Hello all, I am looking for a way to transfer my lifetime Sirius subscription from a portable XACT Sirius device to my 2010 Maxima. I think portions of what I’m going to ask have been covered in other posts, but not with current information and not in its entirety.

Issue/question #1 – Has anyone been able to successfully transfer service from a Sirius device to an car with XM? I’m willing to do either a transfer of service or an adding of some kind of hardware to make this happen. I’ve seen references in other posts to things like “the dealer should have something to convert the signal” or “it should work if…” or call XM or Sirius and they should be able to help, but I haven’t found one reference to someone saying “I did it or had it done and this is how.” I’ve called both XM and Sirius with no luck. I’ve called the dealer where I purchased the Maxima and they said of course it can be done, just call Sirius or XM.

Issue/question #2 – Assuming the above answer is that there is no way that the service can be transferred, then I would then like to install my portable XACT Sirius device. My question is, can I “tap into” the car's XM antenna? I would not want to have the nice clean look of the roof ruined by me adding a second antenna.

See I figured I could add the portable Sirius device in the center console and plug it in to either the center console’s audio connections or use the devices built in RF transmitter. Then I would hopefully be able to tap into the XM antenna with my portable device’s antenna.

Thank you in advance for your help.