The old player worked fine, this new player exhibits the following behavior:
1. Upon launch, nothing plays (most of the time, one time out of twenty it started playing after about 2 minutes or so)
2. I click on other stations and select "Listen" the interface says it's playing the new station but there's no audio. Sometimes the graphics show (album cover) but sometimes not.
3. I click the Pause button but nothing happens - it does not turn into a play button.
4. I'm trying everything to get this to work but it is very buggy and does not seem ready for production use.

My system is Windows 7. Tried Internet Explorer and Google Chrome - same results. My sound card is fine, Pandora plays with no problems at all (and it's free).

I see the new player lets us "Buy" songs though. Seems SiriusXM is more interested in that than providing a service I'm already paying for.