And you would of course be correct. But if everything is already paid for, minus ONE person to set up the programming, what costs do you need to recover?

This will sound racist, but it is not. I think a very good channel almost everywhere would be a Filipino channel. They are coming to our country in DROVES, and are even being paid by our hospitals to come over here and work. (I am a registered nurse, I know this to be 100% FACT) Filipinos are a very tight family and very clicish. A Filipino radio station with music and programming and news dedicated to the Filipinos would be very popular within that small community, though the audience would look miniscule compared to a Top 40 Station. But then you are also able to draw your niche advertisers. A Philipino grocery story would never advertize on a top 40 or country channel, but they might advertise on their niche channel. McDonalds and WalMart would advertise anywhere... Even if the commercials are much cheaper than regular, that is what will draw the advertisers, and with minimal staffing, you dont need to sell a whole lot to be profitable. Top 40 channels have to compete with other Top 40 channels. Niche channels rarely have to compete with anything.