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Thread: Siri Stock Thread Feb 2011

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    Siri Stock Thread Feb 2011

    Good start to February . . $1.70 and climbing . . can we take out I/D/H of $1.74?

    Morgan Stanley now with Tuna Amobi at $2.00

    Remember how fast the share price dopped when "margin" came-out (aka "margin calls") in October 2008?

    Q: What happens when margin comes back in coupled with bullish analyst reports?

    A: New spec-buyers enter marketplace

    JC is so irrelevant now . . . even the colleges aren't calling anymore for the booyah pump sessions . . . goodbye Jimmy, have a nice life on the pumpkin farm; you overplayed your hand.

    remember your history:

    JC at $0.20:

    "the company should just cancel the stock"

    JC at $0.55:

    "the bonds are a better way to play this"
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