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Thread: My Customer Service Experience

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    I have also noticed that, sometimes, when I click the "+ Reply to Thread" button I do not get a "title bar" in the window but rather just the same narrow dialogue box as if I had hit "reply" instead. Sometimes I do . . . and sometimes I don't. In some instances when I didn't get the "title bar" I just hit cancel and tried hitting "Reply to Thread" again until I got it . . . or exiting the forum, come back in and try again.

    It's usually not a big deal. I just like to have the "title bar" when I post SB Trivia.

    The new & improved timeout protocol is working like a champ however!
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    p.s. I think I may have solved the case of the mysterious julietoo line breaks . . . it's all those damn smileys!

    That friggin jumping-jack guy is too tall for the font size so it causes irregular line spacing in her posts.

    Actually, as I just scrolled back up I see that it did not cause a line break but rather just irregular line spacing . . . which I guess could only be cured if she increased the font size of her text to match the smiley . .. ooh-fah.

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    The reason for the line breaks was because I wasn't following to the end of the line, if that makes any sense. Not because of my overuse of the smileys. I'm Italian, how else am I to express myself, if I can't use smileys?


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    No one happens to have a direct number to the good people in Nova Scotia, do they? I used to have it, but now it appears to go to India/wherever, and I'm about fed up with those people.

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