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Thread: Signal problem

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    Signal problem

    Stratus 6 installed by Best Buy with FM direct adaptor on Jan 5,2011.
    The first week all was fine but now keep getting signal lose and aquirring signal message.
    Sometime message last up to 5 minutes while traveling on open roads with no obstructions.
    The sat. signal strength never higher than 3 bars. Returned to Best Buy and was told all was fine with install. Very frustrating to continualy have signal disapear. Magnetic antenna was installed using doulble sided tape for added secuity. Could that be problem. I am ready the trash the whole thing. Located North Central Florida.

    Harry W

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    The tape shouldn't effect anything.

    Either the antenna wire is bad or you are in a bad zone. The fact that you say you are traveling on the open road and this is happening for 5 minutes straight leads me to believe this is an antenna issue.
    Charles LaRocca
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