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Thread: What does another Sirius XM rate hike mean to you?

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    What does another Sirius XM rate hike mean to you?

    I think this company is on the cusp of a mass exodus and yet they are looking to lift the price freeze ban?!?! What do you guys think about that?

    If a rate hike is not accompanied by added value, I think its safe to say that tens of thousands of customers would not renew and the new subscriber rate would drop.

    For years I have paid the same price for my cellphone and Netflix service while they continued to give me MORE for my money. Sirius XM gives me nothing, yet raises my fees year after year. What gives?
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    Netflix just raised the prices 10% and did not offer anything more than I was getting before. DirecTV is raising prices next month and is not offering anything more. I doubt you will see a mass exodus because of a small increase, especially for a service that you can't get anywhere else. I have had Sirius since its inception, they have hardly raised prices over that time and they offer so much more than they did 5 years ago. I am looking forward to Satellite 2.0.

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    Welcome to the forums. I hear ya, Sirius XM would not be the only company out there raising rates but, I find a direct correlation between customer service/price and my perceived level of value/happiness with a company. I want that perceived value higher for Sirius XM... now more than ever.

    BTW, that was Netflix's first hike in years AND along with that hike, they offered a lower tier pricing. Not only that, Netflix is offering more. More streaming titles are added to their library on a weekly basis and they are constantly looking to secure more deals for the ability to stream more content.

    Sirius has hiked their rates the past 2 years in a row AND added a charge for online listening. Those rate changes in Sirius may be because of new fees they are passing along to customers but, to the common man, it just means that our bills went up and I dont think anyone wants to see that happen again right now.
    Charles LaRocca
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    And iwth their added charge for online listening, they have changed their player situation and it's now almost impossible to listen online. Right now I can listen to one music channel, but no talk channels. They just won't play. Try calling customer service and you get someone from India who can't help you. When I finally reached someone in the US they said they were having problems with it and they should have it working in 5 days. Well it's been 5 days and it's worse now than it was.

    If they raise their rates, they will lose this subscriber.

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    I bought a car 2 years ago and paid $400.00 for a non-tranferable lifetime subscription which seemed fair considering that I keep my cars for about 6 years. I just bought a second car, had the dealer install an XM satellite radio and found out that this month they raised the fee from $400 to $699 just like that. That's unacceptable. I filed a complaint with the FCC. I'm telling anyone who will listen not to do buisness with them and I'm ripping the radio out of my new car. I support the mass exodus. My problem is the every time I will turn on the radio in my older car that has the subsciption, I'm gonna get pissed off!

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    I planned to upgrade to lifetime this year, but at $699 its not going to happen. I'm thinking that it might make more sense to get a radio that supports pandora streaming via iphone connection.

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