OK, so I've been w/ XM for about 8 or 9 years now. My radio is basically dead , and I am rarely in my car anymore (I work from home now). I've had the XM Radio + Internet Service for a while and feel like I'm wasting money. I use it on my iPhone and from my web browser every now and then while I sit at home and work. HOWEVER, XM no longer offers an online-only account.

So, it seems, that even though XM and Sirius are 1 company now, I have to cancel my XM subscription and start a new Sirius subscription if I want an online-only account. I was also told that until the end of january, if I signed up for the online-only account as a news subscriber I could get 9 months free (so the whole first year for around $36).

So I called today. I was told that that was not true. My bill for an online-only subscription would end up being ~$144 (total for the year - $36 x 4).

I was told that if I bought a NEW radio and had that activated, I could THEN get the 9 months free. To I save just over $100, but I have to buy a radio, which I do not want or need. AND I would be roped into a 3 year contract!

So, I could stay with XM and pay $36 + $9 every 3 months,
or I could switch to Sirius for the same amount, or save a whopping $9 every 3 months. But I would be locked in for another 3 years.

Either way, it seems, I don't get any of the deals or discounts that Sirius told me about 3 weeks ago.

Is this true? Did I miss something? Was I misinformed by Sirius 3 weeks ago, or now?

I tell ya, I'm about this close to just cancelling the whole deal, XM, Sirius, etc. I am so frustrated.

Thanks for any help.