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Thread: You Mean Our Corporate Overlords Don't Really Care About Us?

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    The huge and growing wealth gap, what it means to us and the country, and its beginnings are important subjects to study. This dangerous and destructive disease affects everything more than we realize.

    This is an essay from Tom Dispatch, reprinted at AlterNet, that contains a wealth of information about this subject by focussing on a brilliant early writer who explained it well. Yes, it is long and so suggests occasional stops to reflect and digest the engrossing insights, but read it and stay with it. You will learn much.

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    This post is AGAIN evidence that this thread's name is accurate. Beware of greed. It can kill you.

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    This is an additional post re Boeing's criminal behavior causing the 737 Max to crash. Uncontrolled capitalism, coupled with the corporate capture of government oversight, is eroding our ability to trust business - and our safety.
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    Here is a visual explanation of the two crashes that killed hundreds in faulty Boeing equipment. It explains "corporate capture" very well.

    The name of this thread was never an exaggeration. Capitalism can and does kill.

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    There are many lies pushed as truth in this country. One of the most vicious is the one that says capitalism is a totally beneficial economic system. Many know this is untrue and their numbers are growing.

    This thread was started to expose some examples of the lie. Here is a must-read that continues that effort.

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    There is a liquidity crisis on Wall Street. As in the prior financial meltdown, the Fed is providing loans to institutions in amounts that are concerning and at low rates that the public never sees - except for our savings accounts.

    This link provides information from a site that focusses on malfeasance in the financial sector. This is the latest installment. Read prior days as well for additional background.

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