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Thread: Sirius Stock JAN 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by julietoo View Post
    I agree Charles. Customer service is really lacking. Time and time again have read posts where people have sat and waited on the phone over an hour to be hung up on. Julie
    Hey they have alot of work to do when it comes to their customer service. while I will say it happens in almost every company, some of the stories I have heard about cant keep happening.

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    As fans/investors, how do we help make that happen? Between the bad press and BBB crap they have been hit with, its not like they don't know, they simply choose to continue to ignore it. We need to somehow let them know its not OK. It saddens me because I believe with the right pricing, tech, and customer service, this company would have easily have double the number of subscribers it has now. The outstanding growth (and why that growth happened) of Apple, Amazon, and Netflix should not be overlooked.
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