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Good to see a post from you SRK. I'm glad to be out of the politics thread arguing with the sites two biggest liberals.

BM, hmmm. I haven't heard hype nor hair since his "IPO". Is he still covering SIRI? I used to check in when it was for free, but I'm not paying to post, or read posts. There are "alternatives".
Hey SL . . great to hear from you in the Siri thread again!

Last time I talked to you we were pissing and moaning about Tru Green ChemLawn . . now I'm just mostly pissing and moaning about all the snow here in the northeast . . got socked again last night . . . all the damn arborvitae trees were laying over on their sides; spent half the day knocking snow off them before freezing temps tonight start cracking branches.

I know you got your hands full with Lloyd Handwringer in the politics thread . . god bless you . . . it's a thankless job but somebody has got to do it now that john abandoned the site (I hope the guy's ok; I don't see him posting anywhere anymore, not even at Cos' site . . maybe he finally burned-out or Lloyd wore him down to a little nub) . . . just bustin Lloyd.

You can still read most of BM at "SA" for free . . . homer985 gave him a good undressing last week on the 2014 converts.

p.s. to Relmor: antidilution provision in the original Investment Agreement so Liberty doesn't get diluted on R/S; I sure wish I could read Johnny Irish' setting the "Morning Markers" in the forums without having to register.