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    Good morning Charles. (where is my sunshine smiley?)
    Thanks you for all your hard work. That being said I would like to make a few suggestions. I waited a few days to do so because being not a big fan of change thought I would get used to this new format. Not so much. (insert grin)
    I like blue BUT my eyes are glazing over viewing this site. (insert frown) We need COLOR. Different color, perhaps green? to
    indicate unread posts etc. That shading ain't gonna cut it. Also spacing between catagories. It's easy to miss the different headings.
    And most important, where are the smileys? How can I (we) possibly express ourselves without them?
    Other than that great job! (insert big grin)
    Just saw the very wimpy tiny green light indicating I was online. Come on Charles, you can do better than that.
    Be BOLD!!!! (If I had another smiley available I would insert wink smiley here but I have used our alloted 4)
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