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Thread: Why is siri price still at dollar range?

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    Why is siri price still at dollar range?

    Can someone explain or tell me if I am right about this ... Is the reason why siri is in the dollar stock price range because they went bankrupt and also Liberty media has a stake in it. Also, in March 6, if liberty media sell it ties to siri off, will the stock go up, Is it like the governement has stake in Citi or bank of america, and that is why the stock will not just go up crazy, PLEASE EXPLAIN, why a company with over 20 milli folks is at dollar.60 stock price, dude and dudettes

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    I suggest you repost your question on the Sirius XM Stock Talk forum. There are lots of folks who can answer your question and past info you might find interesting.

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    Thread moved.
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    Kay, SIRI is still working to turn a solid profit quarterly after many quarters of losing money. In fact the company has billions of dollars of NOL's (net operating losses) that can be used positively as the company becomes profitable. But as of this point, it's really just a beginning.

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