I have searched and found many instances of this error message around different forums - but not one solution. I assume people have found it since they stopped posting. Here's what I know about the error message so far:

- I can connect to the internet and have done so on numerous networks.
- The channel lists download and I can select a channel, but then get the error message.
- satellite-only radio works fine.
- the radio is on my billing screen as internet serviced.
- I have reset the device - no better
- I have done the device recovery - no better
- this radio, as well as others I saw in forums with the problem, are bought used or changed user names, etc. before problems start.
- I had Sirius check previous owners acct and the radio is not still attached to it.
- My account is paid to date and in good standing.

If you have a clue on this or know the solution. please let me know. Listener services has no clue and says they have no record of this problem, even though every other owner citing this problem has said they talked to Sirius about it.

Thank you,