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Thread: Starmate 5 problem.

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    Starmate 5 problem.

    Hey guys,

    Just got a Sirius Starmate 5 for Christmas. Hooked it up only the other day, and noticed static that would increase/decrease randomly. Even stranger, I will get a lot of static when I start my car and while it is running, but as soon as I shut the engine off but the radio is still on, there will be only very, very low static that is not noticeable at all, unless the Starmate volume is turned all the way down. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? I had another Sirius model that worked fine in the car, no problems at all.

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    Sounds like the static is coming from the power supply. Power often interferes with sound quality. You can try moving your sound output away from your power input. Other than that, it could just be noise from your cigarette or aux plug. Have you tried the radio inside? Or in a boombox?
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