I'm surprised at how many (seemingly financially literate) people that I have seem touting the benefits of withdrawing from the merger, or having it denied, and letting XM go bankrupt claiming that Sirius will then have a monopoly on the satellite radio industry and be able to buy up the assets on the cheap.

The whole benefit to this merger is that Sirius will receive double the spectrum. Send XM into bankruptcy all you want, you may get the majority of their subscriber base jumping ship, but it doesn't entitle you to their spectrum. Presumably that would be returned back to the FCC, or re-auctioned. Sirius would have to purchase it, and don't think they would be the only one interest in it. Which leads me to my second point.

Who's to say Sirius would be the only interested party in buying up the assets of XM? And furthermore, do they really have the deep pockets to be competing with a large corporation when it comes to this?

Just some things to think about. Correct me if I'm wrong, I know I don't exactly have expertise in this area.