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Thread: Free Ad-based service?

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    Free Ad-based service?

    Is it possible one day in the future? Would the FCC or DOJ, etc... Be blocking this possibility? If not, the future is so bright that you are going to need a welding mask to look at it!

    David Frear is estimating that by 2015 their will be 70 million cars on the road with SiriusXM installed! That is a massive audience! The potential ad revenue from this "possibility" is mind boggling!

    SRK care to chime in? No one has ever really given me a straight answer. I know Mel has said in the past that he would have no intention of going free as well as a commercial free subscription model. How could Mel not, with 70 million factory installed radios? He could eliminate terrestrial radio for GOOD! I have a little voice in my head telling me that we are not allowed to do that?

    Anyone with thoughts on this please share!!!

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