Hey, All,

Sirius was working on my work machine - I usually leave my browser running - and everything was fine. I came back on a Monday after the machine was booted over the weekend - and now, no matter what, the radio doesn't work.

I get the dialog box with the player and all okay - I select a channel - usually Lithium - and nothing - I click start and stop - still nothing - no sound. The last five songs doesn't fill in - zilch. This was working fine.

Oddly enough, if I leave it open and just work - eventually, it knows that I'm not playing and I get the "click here to continue playing" message.

I tried several the tricks posted here and nothing seems to matter. I have a sneaky suspicion that some cookie somewhere is blocking me. I've cleared out the cache and history in IE8 many times.

Now, it's not the account - I use a player on my Mac at home and it works fine all the time. And, yes, I do log off of that before leaving for work so that Sirius doesn't think two players are running.

Any suggestions?

Note: Sirius is not rejecting my account login - I'm just not getting any streaming (I belive) to the player.

Help! I need my tunes!


peace. JOe...