Howard said they helped turn this company into over 20 million subscribers. He said that's pretty amazing. He said they turned it from a non-business into a business. That's no easy feat. Howard said they were a catalyst with the fans.

Howard said he was so dissesd yesterday by this company. He said he got an article from Richard Bosch and the company hasn't even gotten back to them after they asked why this article came out. Howard said he's never even heard of this guy David Frear. He said he sounds like a complete idiot. Howard read the article and said that this guy can suck his dick. He said the article says he's going to have to take a pay cut. Howard said he's not going to take a pay cut. He said even if he was going to take a pay cut he doesn't have to broadcast it and humiliate him.

Howard said he's not sure what business it is of anyone what he gets paid. He said this guy who is supposedly the CFO doesn't have to be broadcasting this stuff. Howard said the guy is a putz and it's unbelievable the amount of assholes he meets in this business. Howard said that he has no problem leaving this company after the 16th.

Howard read through the article and they talk about how his last show could be the 16th and then he has 2 weeks off after that before his contract ends. Howard said this guy should just say he has no idea if he's going to sign or not. Howard said he has no idea who this guy, David Frear, is. He said that the guy says that he'd have to sign on for less money if he does stay there. Howard said the guy is a shithead. He said he doesn't have to say that in an article.

Howard said that the guy says he might have other offers including one from Apple. Robin said this is a guy who is trying to prove that he's more important than he really is. Howard read more of the article where they talk about Howard's options and how he doesn't have as many with Sirius and XM since they're one company now.

Howard said that this guy David got paid $3.3 million last year and he got that money because of him. Howard said the company wouldn't even exist now without Howard Stern. Howard said he's not going to take a pay cut. Howard said he'd rather not work there than take a pay cut. Howard said this guy knows nothing about it and he's never even heard the guy's name before. Howard said that he's not even in the loop as far as he knows.

Howard said the caller asked about why he's so embarrassed by the industry. Howard said he gets why he's not beloved and Oprah is. He said people will say he's coarse and all of that but the company he helped build from 600,000 subscribers to 20 million doesn't have to diss him in this article. Howard said that the guy doesn't have to say that in public and humiliate him like that. He doesn't get it. Howard said he didn't do anything to this guy David Frear. Howard said when satellite is irrelevant the only winner is going to be the people who have the content. Howard said that he's a jewel in his arsenal to stay in business. He said he should be celebrated and he should be asking him to stay with him. Howard said the guy made $3.3 million because of Howard Stern.

Howard said this was like a punch in the face to him last night. He said that this guy had no business talking about him like this. He said he should just say that he hopes Howard Stern will sign with them again. He said he's just a puppet and Mel is working him like one. Howard said that this wasn't fair to him and saying he has to take a pay cut is an insult. Howard said that's like saying he hasn't been performing.

Howard said that they say 60 percent of the listeners are listening to his channels. That's 60 percent of the 20 million. Howard said he wants this guy David to stop by his show so he can say hello. He said he has a few words for him. He wants him to tell him to his face why he's not worth the money.

Howard asked George about his bedbugs and if he was sniffed. He wasn't so Gary said that they'd be there in about 20 minutes. George said that he was very covered up last night so he didn't get bitten in bed. Howard said he wears one of those space outfits.

The caller said he was sorry for calling this guy David Frear a cock sucker. Howard said that the guy is probably a nice guy but he doesn't think that he deserves the $3.3 million. He said he signed a new contract in 2008 from what he was reading. Howard said he'd like to know how many listeners that guy brought in. Howard said he didn't even know they had a CFO. Howard said Mel does it all anyway so he's probably just a puppet there. Howard said Mel pulls all of the strings there. He said you can't spend 10 cents without it ending up on Mel's desk.

Howard said he just wants a little respect there. He said that he's done more than he needed to for the company. He said he more than paid for his salary. Howard said he worries about the business and Mel knows that. Howard said Mel could turn over those two channels and he doesn't have to worry. Howard said Mel gave him mornings at K-Rock and he took care of the rest of the day even after the morning show.