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Thread: Wallstreet Cheers Obama's Compromise with Republcians

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    I think its been confirmed that S&L prefers to throw juvenile insults around then to own up to the fact that his thesis in this thread (about Obama reaching out to Republicans) was so thoroughly disproved.

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    Kudos to the Wallstreet Journal for cheering Obama's tax compromise. They believe, as many others do, that this will give the economy a boost. This balanced perspective only makes me consider that the tax deal is fair and balanced sure win proposal.
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    If it was the WSJ editorial page they are hardly balanced.

    Tax cuts do not give the economy much of a boost, especially when given to the wealthy. Increasing demand through job creation is the way to do it.

    Balance can be in the eye of the beholder. One must seek arguments from sources that use facts rather than ideology.

    The cons who have said (disingenuously) that they are concerned with the deficit lie when they support allowing tax cuts for the wealthy to continue.

    You do know the cost to the deficit by allowing these cuts to continue don't you?
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